March 20, 2013

Speedy Flyer For Android

Have an Android Smart Phone or tablet? You gotta try Speedy Flyer for Android! It's a fairly easy game to play as far as not needing 12 fingers and 6 thumbs, which is what I think I need when trying to play most games. Hence the reason I am not a gamer for the most part lol. I'm just not that hand/eye coordinated!

Speedy Flyer is easy to control. It just takes one tap to get your flying worms with jet packs around and through obstacles. That's the part I am calling easy lol. It's just takes one touch! The rest of it, is a bit harder. You have to be pretty quick with that one tap! Needless to say, I pretty much stink at the game due to my coordination affliction, but it's still fun to keep trying. Believe me, if it wasn't fun, I'd have deleted it by now. That's just how I roll. It's also kid friendly as far as I've seen, nothing violent except if you play like me, then your worms keep running into obstacles and they get blown up, but even that is kinda funny.

The premise of the game is pretty neat. You're just trying to get your crazy little jet-pack equipped worms through the Universe to reach a goal only they are aware of. In the meantime you gather bonuses as you avoid obstacles and you can even use Warp speed to help the worms along. I'd think that above just being fun, it would also help with hand-eye coordination for people still young enough to learn it lol.

All in all, it's a pretty fun little game and last time I checked it was even free if you download it from the Google Play store, please consider giving it a quick review or tell others about it.

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March 16, 2013

PottyCover! Yes!

Before we get started, let me say this review is technically for a children's product. I'm supposed to tell my fellow parents that this will help them feel a lot better about the times their child has to use a public restroom, and it will! It's amazing! But here's the thing........I am 42 and on that recent trip to Oklahoma, I would have given ANYTHING to have a PottyCover!

See, I am one of those, "I don't want to be a bother" travelers. Unless there is a dire emergency, I pretend I have kidneys of steel and won't ask to stop anywhere. I wait for someone else to whine and seize the opportunity!

So on the trip to Oklahoma, I found myself in a bit of a pickle. One of the places we stopped at wasn't exactly as clean as it could have been. I had been needing to potty for about 2 hours. I was also really thirsty but I knew that adding even a drop of  liquid to my kidneys was going to cause a big problem. So I waited because we had already discussed where we were going to stop and there was no point in stopping in between there. So when we finally did, i get in there expecting it to be like most travel centers and was horrified to find only one toilet and it was pretty gross. I knew there was no way I could make it anywhere further down the road so it was this or the sink. (I'm not QUITE that redneck, or that limber).Thankfully there were those flushable toilet covers so I thought I'd put about 6 on the toilet and I'd be almost okay. Ya know, try not to REALLY sit down. Problem was, the first 2 I put on the toilet fell through into the toilet. So there I was doing the pee-pee dance,  my only hope was getting at least one, preferably 12, covers to stay on or embracing my redneck roots. Finally I guess the good Lord had laughed at me enough and I managed to get 2 covers to stay on top of the toilet seat. The problem with that was that at the back of the toilet seat, there was apparently some liquid. And what do you know, it soaked right through both covers immediately! That was okay, i just did the squat and didn't really sit down. Thankfully, I wasn't having a bad balance day or I probably would have just broke down and cried. After my kidneys were no longer screaming, the whole situation was funny, but at the time, it was just horrible!

So, then, I get home and after some mailing issues, I get this package of PottyCovers to review. I was thinking it would be great for the grandmunchkins. Little did I know that they would become a new "must-have" for future traveling situations for myself lol. I don't care if it looks or sounds ridiculous, I'm gonna be proudly covering any future public toilets with a polka dotted potty cover!

Here's why! They cover not ONLY the toilet seat, but the entire front of the toilet AND a good bit of the sides. So your bootie or your child's bootie only touches the potty cover! That's important especially for little hands that feel the need to hold on to the toilet seat. No more worries of what they could be touching! Little bare legs won't touch either. Not just that but the covers are waterproof! So there is literally a barrier between the toilet seat and your munchkin! The covers are made of soft non-woven fabric which is coated with plastic to keep away any germs and wetness. ( I would have KILLED for this thing on the trip!). The covers are disposable, but not flush able and come individually wrapped for easy carrying in your purse or diaper bag. When your child is done, you simply throw it in the trash. They come in a pack of 6 for just 5.99 so it's just under a dollar to protect yourself or your child from God knows what! I call that a bargain!

They are available at amazon, ebay, Buy Buy Baby and select Bed, Bath And Beyond Stores. But wait, don't click yet! One lucky reader will win their very own 6 count package of their very own! Now what would you pay? Oops, I mean, they're still 5.99 but someone is going to get them free. Got a little carried away there. I'm going to make it super easy to win these too!

I shared my embarrassing, need a potty cover, story,and that's what I want you to do too! Please don't be gross or graphic though. Just tell us about a time you really could have used these! There are a couple other ways to get entries which are optional, but if you don't share a story, you can't win. Sorry. Fair is fair right? Contest ends March 23 at midnight and the winner will be announced March 24th!  And don't worry, unlike SOME previous sponsors, I KNOW these guys will ship your prize. They're super awesome to work with! So get to entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Ol' 4 Eyes

That's me! I mentioned in a previous catch up post about getting glasses and now I thought I'd tell ya about 'em. For the last several months, I've noticed I couldn't read small print and had to squint to even make out ANY of the words. It was getting so that I was having to ask George, or one of the kids to tell me what some things said. Everything seemed to have a glare on it.

So, I finally sucked it up and went to the Optometrist. Actually, I sucked it up and took Daniel with me. He'd been needing to have his eyes checked too so I figured we could be moral support for each other. Turns out we BOTH needed glasses. He just needed a little more than readers. He has a bit of farsightedness going on. Enough that he was getting really bad headaches while working due to having to watch computer screens. So it's not too bad since he only has to wear them while reading or working. me on the other hand, I had to go and have cone shaped something or other's in my eyes which meant I didn't just need glasses, I needed Bi-focals! Blech!

Despite already KNOWING I needed some help, I still felt a little deflated. Not because of anything logical, just the whole "getting older" thing. I'm only seems a little early to have stuff start breaking down lol.

So anyway, yep, now  have to wear glasses. Supposed to wear them all the time but that's not happening yet. I do wear them when reading and working so that's the important times covered right there. When I need them to see the television, I'll really start to worry!

And no.........there will be no pictures! Ever! least not for awhile. I may be resigned to wearing them, but that doesn't mean I've actually accepted it!

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March 15, 2013

Wire Dog Crates Are Ugly! Give Rover Something Pretty!

Love your dog, hate the wire crate? Not anymore! Love your dog and get rid of the wire crate or at least make it look a whole lot better in your home! I know lots of people who adore their fur babies and have to put them in a crate at night but hate the fact that those wire crates are so darn ugly! They don't "go" with any decor. I think I might have seen a pink one once which was a little prettier than the standard black but we don't all live in Barbie house. (She has EVERYTHING I tell you!)

Anyway, so the nice people at Dog Supply Network have the solution for the ugly wire cage syndrome. 2 Solutions to be more precise. I think they are both insanely creative ways to stop the ugliness. They offer dog crate covers and wood dog crates that serve more than to just give your pooch a nighttime sleeping area.

I honestly wish I had thought of this! Even just for my own home! My Harley is huge, a good 90 pounds currently and if he needed a crate inside it would be even bigger than he is. And it would be ugly! Sorry, but it would. All I have seen on the market are like I said "Ugly wire cages". Frankly, I hate the idea of putting him in a cage at all, but if I had to, I'd love it to be something pretty and possibly multi-functional. Like this for example:
Oak Cage Cover

Pretty Right? It's custom made to fit right over the wire cage. Doesn't interfere with the cage door opening. Made of solid Oak, with Amish quality craftsmanship and crafted not just for beauty but to last! Your furbaby gets the privacy they like and you get something that actually looks great! As a bonus, it could be used as an end table as well. See? Pretty AND practical!

I must admit though, I am a huge fan of this one:
 And this one too:
My Harley would look awesome in this one!

So if you are like me and like style as well as function and appreciate true craftsmanship, consider giving your furbabies' crate a makeover that YOU can appreciate and keep them safe and happy too!

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March 5, 2013

Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus Software Review

Normally, I don't like to do techy reviews. Not because I don't like techy stuff, I do! I'm a total nerd at heart when it comes to new gadgets and cool/useful software. The problem is, they don't like ME! It's true! It takes me forever to figure out how to use them effectively and usually by the time I do, they're obsolete.

So when I saw this opportunity to use and review an Antivirus Software I was both excited and a little scared. I knew I needed to find a new one though since my Norton subscription is about to expire so I bit the bullet.  I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised and not a bit frantic trying to figure out how to use this software. It's really easy to use!

One of the reason's I have stuck with Norton has been because it didn't seem like a system hog. I hate it when supposed protection makes my system frustratingly slow. I'd rather be without protection than have to wait an hour for a page to load. Yes, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it FEELS that long even if it doesn't actually take that long. And that's what matters! If it's a bigger aggravation to use the product than it is to clean a virus, there's a problem and I have found many of the free ones to be that stinkin' aggravating!

Webroot Secure Anywhere was a surprise though. First, just to see, I installed it WITH Norton still running. I noticed no slow downs or other issues. Then Norton got all gripey about it and kept insisting I delete Webroot. Apparently Norton doesn't play well with others lol. it literally kept "warning" me that Norton wouldn't function properly with Webroot installed. Webroot never warned me about anything and after 3 weeks still hasn't seemed to care that Norton was there at all. It completes it's scans just fine, protects me in real time, runs on all my browsers and hasn't thrown a temper tantrum yet about anything. Since I disabled Norton, my computer seems to run faster too!

In fact, I like it well enough that I am going to use Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus for my tablet and my smartphone as well. Now, for those of you who are more techy than I am and want to know more......I am not great at explaining things the way you might like, so here are some facts straight from the company themselves:

The complete online security choice of computer experts to protect your computers, mobile devices and files.
  • All-in-One Security – Goes beyond PC protection to defend your Mac, mobile devices, identity, system and personal files
  • Groundbreaking Protection – Defeats viruses, spyware and online threats with no slowdowns
  • Online File Backup – 25 GB of online protection to keep your files and photos safe and make them available on all your devices
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 8 – Tested by AV-Test and certified compatible

All that and the fact that I LOVE it should tell you to give it a shot. It's not freeware, but it is great software that does exactly what it's supposed to and it does it well! Even for people like me!
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Where I've Been....

me, my sister, my nieces and JJ
Yeah, I know, it's been a little while since my last update. I have a good excuse errr.....reason though. As it happens, I took a road trip, I got glasses and new medicine. You wouldn't think all of that would keep me so busy but you'd be surprised.

So the road trip was to Oklahoma. It started out for a bad reason but ended up wonderful. My Father got really sick and things weren't looking to good. He was having extreme trouble breathing and already has COPD. So I was a little scared but it turned out he just had a nasty bug and seems to be doing fine now. On the upside, it might have scared him FINALLY into quitting smoking. That's a good thing! I need to check to see if he's still off the cigarette's, but he was doing really well and I'm hoping he continues to do so. I had his wife smack him for me while he was in the hospital..........I'm not afraid to ask her to do it again lol. In my defense I also asked her to hug him first so he'd know it was a smack delivered with love. That's fair right?

Anyway, by the time we got up there he was already out of the hospital so we made our rounds while there. I got to see my youngest sister again and this time, I FINALLY got to meet my nieces! Let me tell you, I was already a proud Aunt. I adore the 6 nephews and 2 nieces that I have here and I was dying to get to meet the other 2 and while it sucks that it took so long, I'm glad I finally did. They are absolutely beautiful, funny, smart, quirky and smart-assed as they can be, but not in a bad way. I loved every second I got to spend with them! I also found out that I am going to be an Aunt again! I'm hoping for a boy, but another niece would be great too.

I got to spend time as well with Mr. Fred and my favorite Rowena in the whole world. It's kind of funny really because Rowena is my sister's Mom and Mr. Fred is my sister's step-dad, so *I* really have no relation to them........but that doesn't matter to me. They are still family. Good people are just good people.......and it's important to keep them! So I have and I love them very much. As much as I love Rowena, I am especially grateful for Mr. Fred on my nieces behalf. He dearly, absolutely loves those girls completely because he chooses to! It kind of reminds me of my Papa Joe and Gramma Lyndall. Don't get me wrong, my Dad loves them too, but he's SUPPOSED to! I am not putting anyone down here or saying one is better than the other, just saying I appreciate that the girls have so many people who love them.

My Beautiful Gramma, My Sistah, My JJ and My Nieces, oh and me too lol

So anyway, then we went to see my Gramma at the nursing home and I can honestly say I was dreading it. It was so painful the last time that I didn't know how I would handle it. We went as a group so i figured if nothing else, I had support. I was elated.......literally almost walking on clouds to see that she was doing so much better. She knew who we were, she told some of the old stories she used to tell and even made a few jokes. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I thank God for it. I know he made it possible.

Finally, we got to my Dad's and it was great! I haven't seen him in a VERY long time and it was way past time I did. We both need to work harder on that. It was a nice visit, reminiscing about the part of my childhood he got to be a part of and I learned some great information about my Papa Joe. I also brought home his medals and campaign bars from World War 2 which means the world to me. I still can't have them much farther than an arms length away from me and it's been 2 weeks! Everyone is urging me to put them in a case or something, but for whatever reason, I need to be able to touch them and keep them close by. So for now I am.
Papa's Campaign ribbons n such

I don't remember what this one is called but I know he was a darn good shot from the stories I've heard.

His "Good Conduct" medal....this was back when people cared  to do right

the front of his "Good Conduct" medal. I can't tell you how proud I am to know my Papa earned this.

Papa's Purple Heart from Battle Of the Bulge. I'm a little irritated that someone dared to hurt my  Papa, but i bet he hurt them back . <hehe>

My stepbrother piqued my curiosity and got me to try Tea from Teavana.......deadly for my wallet, but much healthier than coffee and the other stuff i drink like soda's and such. I highly recommend Winter Berry Spice! Yum!

My Step-Mom Janie went through tons of pictures and found some precious ones of my Papa Joe and Gramma as well as me as a child. I love looking back to a time when I knew that I was safe, loved and absolutely cared for. Janie also handed down to me a ring from her and my Dad. One that was one of the first he gave to her so it has special meaning. It's actually really pretty and the only gold jewelry I own lol. In general, I don't like gold, but this one is a tangible link to people I love and love me in return so I wear it proudly.
Gramma & Papa when they were younger

Gramma & Papa At a Sweetheart Dance they hosted

Me and my first love! I Sure miss him!

These are the happiest days of my childhood

So all in all, the trip went well, just short. Hopefully we will see each other again soon and we have tentative plans to make it happen. So I am really looking forward to that. Especially since not only will I see them but also other members of the family that I haven't seen since I was about 5!

So between all that and other not so fun stuff going on, things have been a little busy. Life is good though and I'm determined to keep it that way!

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February 6, 2013

Personalized Biorhythms & Look! A Giveaway!

Sample chart
A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity from to have a free biorhythm reading done. I normally don't really go in for that kind of thing. I don't know why exactly, especially since I do actually believe there is something to it. I guess I just like being surprised by each new day that comes and I also very much believe in the power of suggestion.

For instance, if someone tells me something is really good, I am the kind of person who will hunt a product down, within reason, to try it. I am also the kind of person who will avoid something like the plague if someone I know gives a negative review of something I don't already have an opinion on. It can be about anything. A Product, a service, a store, you name it. It's been suggested to be good or bad so it must be. Thankfully this only works on me with people I know and trust otherwise commercials would have me owning 100 sham-wows and Lord only knows how many different George Foreman grills I would have!

Suggestion also works with other things as well. If I am dreading something, I can ruin my entire day thinking about it. Sometimes more than a day! Sooooooo, when I was offered this opportunity, I accepted but I decided to wait until the time period the BioRhythm was written for was over to view it. That way, no suggestion was possible until it was too late.

For the most part I stuck to it too. I have 10 days left out of the 30 on the chart made for me. I decided to view it early because frankly I was hoping for some good news. Like maybe, "you're thyroid medication will begin working properly on the 7th of February and you will not be in pain any longer". Yeah, I know that's a bit too specific for a Biorhythm chart but hey, like i always say, "if you're going to dream, go big or go home". So I dreamed.

Of course there was nothing like I dreamed of but the chart is actually pretty darned interesting! For a 30 day period the chart tells you pretty much what you can expect Physically, Intellectually and Emotionally. Nothing specific, just highs and lows and what days look to be your best, worst, etc.
My Personalized Chart

I have to say my chart was fairly accurate so far. Especially on the Physical flow scale. It shows, as you can see that a critical day for me was January 28th. I went through my facebook posts and found that indeed, the 28th was a pretty rough day. For whatever reason the pain got worse that day, to the point that I actually asked for prayer for myself. I don't often do that. I ask for prayer for others, but seldom for me. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I pray for myself when I say my prayers while I pray for others and figure if God wants to help a gal out he'll do so. He knows what I'm going through anyway and I know when he decides enough is enough or I learn whatever he wants me to learn or I help whoever he wants me to help it will end. Point being.......I don't ask for prayer for myself, but that day I did. The only problem now is that I'm a little scared lol. I should have waited til the 9th to view this chart. My next critical physical day is the 8th! Ugh!

On the upside, I have an appointment with my doctor that day too and we are going to have us a little talk about this pain and the medications. So maybe this time "critical" will be a positive thing in that my doctor will come up with a good treatment plan that will be more helpful so that I can get back to more pain free days than not. I am suggesting to myself very strongly that the 8th will be a critically awesome day. :)

The Intellectual and Emotional flows were pretty accurate as well. Again, I looked at Facebook and my posts to look for any matches and I found quite a few good indicators that the chart was right on the money. So it's pretty neat really!

Are you interested in getting a free BioRhythm chart done for you or would you like one done for a friend as a gift? has offered 2 of my readers a chance to get their very own personalized chart done for absolutely free! To enter to win, just follow the instructions below on the Rafflecopter widget. A winner will be drawn 2-10-13 at midnight. Winners will be emailed with how to collect their prize. Biorhythm Charts are delivered by email generally within 24 hours in a pdf format.

Don't want to wait? Get your Personalized Gifts For Anyone, Anytime. You will love the delivery time. I sure did. I placed my order, gave my info and had my chart within 24 hours. Great for a last minute gift! Especially for people who really do like to know what's coming up and when to be more cautious, etc. It's fun, interesting and easy to do. Plus it's only $2.00 for information that could make life a little bit easier! You can't go wrong there!

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February 5, 2013

With A New Diagnosis, Comes New Supplements

Well, this is week 2 of knowing I have this Hashimoto's crapola. Can you tell I'm happy? Yes, that's sarcasm! I'm not happy at all. Things have not gotten any better, in fact they have gotten worse. At least as far as the pain goes. My hair has grown at least an inch though and as bad as I hurt, I can't seem to sit still and just relax. Oh no! I have to get up and clean, cook, literally FIND things to do because my energy level is astronomical. It hurts like hell to do it, and it hurts even more afterwards, but sitting still is not possible. So, I'm in sort of a hilarious hell. It's funny, it really is! That's NOT sarcasm.

Anyway, now that I've complained, I shall rejoice! As most of you know, I really prefer natural supplements to those put out by the big pharmaceutical companies. Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera and Raw Honey are among many natural things that cure or at least make bearable many, many ailments. The problem is that those same items can be quite costly and in my case, hard as anything to find!

I live in a small town. We do have a nutrition store but it's teeny tiny and carries very little. It's also run by a very sweet little old lady who has been convinced by earnest sales persons to only carry their brands. I'm convinced they talk her into stocking things no one else does just to boost their numbers too. Every now and then I can find Bromelain in there but it's $20.00. Everywhere else it's about $5. You see the problem here?

Now, with the Hashimoto's diagnosis, I am needing new supplements and adding some to a daily regimen. None of which she carries and Wal-mart doesn't carry the exact quality I need in certain ones. I have a source for Raw Honey, so I'm good there. I grow my own Aloe, so that's good too, but there are other things I can't find and can't drive 30 miles for. Today, here's the rejoicing part, I found Astronutrition! O...EMM.GEE, they not only have what I need, but they have it for superb prices and great shipping too! They even have "Happy Pills"! See!

I've been looking everywhere for Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. Found it! Needed a higher quality Co Q10 than Wally world carries...Found it!! REALLY needed some Organic Vinegar, found it too! All in one place. All without leaving home. All without paying a fortune! That's not all they carry of course. They actually have over 10,000 health supplements. Something for everyone!

While I was looking around I also noticed that they have a "Living Naturally Center".  Look for it! It's on the right hand side, near the top! It's full of great information on pretty much anything health/supplement related! I found some really good information related to this Hashimoto's crapola that I hadn't seen anywhere else. Looks like I'll need to add a few more supplements to my regimen. What's a few more pills if it will help me feel normal? That was a little sarcastic lol, but not really. I desperately want the pain to end and just feel completely normal again.

So anyway, just thought I'd share that site with those of you who also believe in natural healing. Tell em I sent ya! They don't know me yet, so don't expect a big discount or anything but they will soon enough lol. In about 10 minutes to be precise!

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January 30, 2013

Kellogg's Family Rewards!

So I've mentioned a few times that I'm not really all that big on brand loyalty. As a Coupon Queen, I kind of have to be open minded about products in order to get the best deals. I am partial to several brands though. Kellogg's is one of them. Mostly because they make my favorite cereal in whole world, Frosted Mini-Wheats!  Love, love, love me some Mini-wheats. Thanks to couponing, I am pretty sure I have at least 8 boxes of them in the house right now and if there's a good sale on them this week that I can combine with a coupon, I'll have a few more! Don't judge me!

Anyway, Kellogg's just made it easier to be a bit more brand loyal and I am loving it! They now have a loyalty program in which you can earn lots and lots of goodies just for buying the products you love. It's super easy to use too, which makes me love it even more!

All you do is go to Kellogg's Family Rewards and sign up, for free of course! Then go directly to your pantry, run, don't walk and frantically search look for this logo on Kellogg's brand boxes/packaging.

(When I found out about this program I already had several boxes of stuff with this reward logo on it and didn't even notice it. So chances are you have some too!)

Inside the box, printed on the either the front or back panel, you will see a code. It actually looks like a key code that software companies use, but much more fun since you get freebies for using it. Make sure you are logged into the Kellogg's Family Rewards site, then at the top left , type in your code in the box provided and hit submit. If you found a treasure trove of specially marked rewards boxes in your pantry, look in the middle of the page at the top and click on "Enter Multiple Codes" and get busy!

What can you get for those codes? Awesome stuff! Even REALLY good coupons! You can even help the planet by planting a tree through Treecycler for just 500 points! There are digital download credits for music, ebooks and games. There are also books, gift certificates for flowers and much, much more. All for just buying what you already love.

Get started and see what you can earn. I've decided to save up and get a free subscription to Woman's Day. it only takes 10,000 points and that's easy to reach with as much as I buy couponing and such. I'll keep you updated on how long it takes me to reach my goal! I'm at 300 points so far and I only redeemed 2 codes and got some bonus points......I still have about 30 boxes with the logo on it.......hehe!

 photo coollogo_com-72411281_zps85802e19.png

NOTE: I was not asked to post this, I have not been paid for this review. I am simply excited that one of my favorite brands is doing something awesome and wanted to share it with everyone :)

January 23, 2013

Souls Of Darkness, A Book Review

Back in November, I was given the opportunity to review "Souls Of Darkness" by Damon Rathe. I am a big fan of thrillers and slightly spooky reads so I was more than happy to get a free book to review along that genre. I have to be honest and say that I wasn't all that excited though about the format I'd be reading it in. I am sooooooooo not an e-book fan which is what i got in this case. Having said that, let me say it's not the publisher's fault I got it that way. They had no way of knowing that I am probably the last person on the planet without a Kindle or other e-reader. I just HATE reading books on a regular computer. Simply because you can lose your place quite easily if the computer crashes, you hit the wrong button, etc.

I agreed to do the review though so I downloaded the book like a good girl. For the next 2 and a half hours, you couldn't have pried me away from the computer whether I liked reading books on it or not! The book is REALLY good! I totally forgot I even had a preference on how I read a book!

"Souls Of Darkness" is a collection of 15 short stories by 3 different authors. The central theme of all the stories is the darkness that dwells within us all in one form or another. Be it a ghostly story or a true to life one, each story is written in descriptive and downright spooky fashion! I had chill bumps through most of it!

Unfortunately, the time of year I was asked to review it made it hard for me to incorporate among the holidays. The Christmas holidays are full of love, light and cheerfulness and I just couldn't make it fit. So this review is a bit late in coming as far as being a potential Christmas gift but if you're looking for something to read or know someone else who is, I highly recommend this book. Especially if you like to put a little scare in your day.

Don't like thriller's? That's okay, Fishcake Publications also has other books you may be interested in. They offer them at very reasonable prices too! So whether you read on an e-reader, a smart phone or a computer screen, check out what's available through Fishcake. I think you'll like them a great deal! If you're a writer, you might also consider submitting your work with them. As they say "if you've taken the time to write it, then people should get a chance to read it"


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.