March 9, 2008

American Idol Talent

Originally Posted: February 14, 2008 @ 23:31

I love American Idol. I love the fools people make of themselves in the auditions and then i enjoy cheering on my favorites as the season progresses. I've learned in order to have a good Idol I must watch it lol. The seasons i didn't we had winners such as Fantasia, Reuben and Taylor. See what I mean? They are doing what now??? Okay so I know it really has nothing to do with me but if i choose to delude myself, shut up and let me lol.

So i'm watching carefully this season and I keep hearing " this year has the most talent ever" and all i can think is, "are you flippin nuts?". I have yet to see a Carrie Underwood, a Kelly Clarkson or even a Bo Bice in this crowd. The one kid i thought was unique was Josiah and i admit i mostly wanted him to stay on the show because he was homeless, living in his car alone. Not sure where his parents are but hopefully they saw him and will do what needs to be done to help him.

Anyway, I i'm wondering if they are editing all the talent out this year or what? Are they like saving it as a surprise for later? The geeky guy that wanted to be governor for instance. Now i admit he could sing..........but he was more suited to "Oklahoma" than American Idol. ( Not that there's anything wrong with Show tunes of course, it's just a different medium than is expected on Idol )Granted he got voted off by the judges last night but Simon kept apologizing for it!!! SIMON!!! You're SCARING ME!!! Stop that!

At this point i guess my favorites are Micheal Johns ( who I think may win ) Kristy Lee, Amanda and Asia'h. That could change though of course. We'll see as the season progresses but i can honestly say at this point they haven't shown the home audience the talent they claim they have this year. Guess I'll stay tuned to see what happens.


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