March 9, 2008

Parental Behavior In Public

Originally Posted: February 10, 2008 @ 17:36

Recently I had the opportunity to take my neice on her first trip to the zoo. Being 2 she was impressed for a while but before long she was amazed by everything other than the animals. For the most part it was great til not only her but myself, my son and my sister witnessed 2 incidents that shouldn't ever be included in your Zoo admission fee.

Child Abuse. Now Child abuse is horrible period. I'm not talking about a spanking on the hiney either. I don't really think that teaches small children anything anyway, but i realize that some do. So understand that's not what we're talking about here.

While in the childrens zoo area, looking at pelicans and taking cutesy pictures, i happen to look over to the other side of the pelican exhibit. Instead of seeing Pelicans I see Moronis Stupidus aka Abusive Parent. This highly evolved specimen hit his son in the head. Apparently the boy did something the father didn't like, possibly even to the pelicans, who were too far away to be hurt anyway. Now i'm sure that the kid now knows he shouldn't do whatever it was he did, but what else did he learn?

The father of course realized his oh so public mistake very quickly. He starts looking around to see if anyone saw. I'm proud to say i locked eyes with him and mouthed "MORON". I can only hope he's smart enough to understand such a big word. I felt really bad for the child. If the father does that in public what does he do in private? The reaction was too fast to be anything but the obvious " norm" for this man. I hope he felt shame in being seen and pray that it wasn't taken out on the child(ren) later on.

Then, less than about 20 minutes later.........we were on our way to find lions and tigers and bears......instead we found another example of Moronis Stupidus. Apparently weather conditions were right for these shining examples to be out.

I hear this child screaming at the top of their lungs. I look over and see this "mother" who has taken her shoe off and see her hit the child on the bottom. Obviously the "mother" needed a weapon to protect herself from this 5-6 year old. Now i don't know what the little monster did to deserve this but short of trying to bomb the zoo i can't imagine anything she could have done to deserve what happened next. As if the first part wasn't bad enough right? The "mother" after hitting the child multiple times then yells at her daughter to "shut up". When the child was still crying the "mother" hit her again and once again told her to shut up. When the child again didn't comply, the mother hit the child in the face with her shoe and AGAIN told the child to shut up.
Now i want to know exactly how that works. You hit a child for whatever reason and they aren't supposed to express any emotions? Obviously the mother didn't want to be embarassed by a screaming child, so she hit her. Hello?????? What the hell???? It's the CHILD who was embarrassed you flippin idiot!!

The funnier part of this whole thing, if there is one, is the "mother" takes her child to another side of the building to do this. If she wasn't doing anything wrong, why try to hide? Whatcha scared of Ma? Someone SEEING you're not only a moron but an abuser?

So my sister and I both witnessed that one and it was much worse than the first. My greatest shame at this point is that I had my camera in my hand and didn't document the abuse or the abuser to be turned over to the authorities. I wish i had.

I AM calling the zoo today to see if it's possible that they had a camera in that area that may have captured the abuse.

So that brings me to the title of the article, "Parental behavior in public".
I want stupid parents to understand something. Other parents may see your child misbehaving and think "OMG what a horrid child". Most chalk it up to children being children and hope that whatever your little darling is throwing a fit about is soon solved. *IF* there's a parent in that crowd of observers wishing you'd beat the kid, they're in the minority. Decent people who have any human understanding at all know that kids do things, good and bad. We also know that kids who are tired, hot, cranky, overwhelmed, hungry, etc........react. We KNOW that kids are not always as angelic as we might wish they were and make allowances for that.

What we do NOT make allowances for is parents reacting as the above 2 morons did. It's bad enough to hit your child, but how DARE you embarass them by proving you aren't fit to have their love, trust and understanding and to do it publicly!!!

When i see a child misbehaving i feel sorry for the parent, i've been there, it's not fun. When i see the parent behaving badly.......I just want to knock the snot out of them, or some sense into them. The first would probably be more satisfying lol, but the second would obviously take longer.
Anyway, what i want to close with today is this:

"A child's bad behavior is forgiveable, they are children and they will learn. Adults should already know better...... and their behavior, thank the Lord, is prosecutable."

Wish me luck in contacting zoo officials today. Even if it can't be prosecuted for some reason......maybe these specimens will be as embarassed on the news as they're children were in public.

To the children, though i know YOU'LL never know I saw what happened, I'm sorry I didn't do more for you right then.

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Unknown yet said...

I came across your site looking for meme's to follow. I just read this post and wanted to congratulate you on saying something about it to that ape of a parent and planning to follow up with the zoo. Too often we see child abuse and don't say anything and then when we see a horrible story about a child being hit too hard or whatever on the news we feel horrible.