March 9, 2008

Welcome To My New Forum

Originally Posted 2-1-08

Hi There :) Some of you may know me from my blog on myspace, others may not. Some may know me from work. However you got here, i'm happy to see ya.
For those who don't know me, be prepared. I'm what I call an "Attitudal Mom". I have my own ideas, form my own thoughts, have very strong beliefs and I don't apologize for them. I do attempt to be considerate of others feelings because i do not believe it is my place in the world to hurt another human being. Unless of course you piss me off and then.......well, you brought it on yourself. See how easy that is. Be decent, i'm nice in return, be an ass, I'm not nice at all. In this world of people isn't it nice to just know where someone stands? HAHAHA. I see some of you going "alrighty then". Trust me....i'm actually a far nicer person than i like to think I am. You're safe
Well, that's about it for the welcome. In this new forum you'll find a good deal of information. Some you'll appreciate, some you'll wonder about, others won't apply to you. All I ask is that comments remain as family friendly as possible. My children and others will read this site and i don't WANT to edit comments left by others but i WILL if needed.

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