January 16, 2009

Ashley & Granny Fun

I mentioned the other day that Ashley joined the Air Force JROTC at the new school and that she has a Military Ball coming up in February. I mentioned this to my Mom as well and she is helping Ashley find a dress. This is a good thing, but I'm not sure who's more excited about it. My Mom or Ashley, maybe both.

My sisters and I never went to proms or anything. I left school at 17 when i got pregnant........proms and all that just weren't anything I really cared much about anyway. Just like i'm not exceptionally girlie now.......I wasn't back then either. I don't know what my sisters reasons are for sure for not going. They probably just didn't want to go anymore than I did. Anyway, Mom has mentioned a few times that we "robbed" her of all the fun stuff about being a teenage girls' mom. She didn't get any proms or any of the frilly stuff that usually goes along with having girls. It's sort of funny that she misses this when you consider i'm just trying to get past it lol.

I WANT my daughter to have all these beautiful times and fun but if she missed it and graduates.........i'm fine with that! So, I'm perfectly willing to let my Mom take over this whole thing. I think it might be good bonding fun for Ashley and her Granny too and that's always good. I'll take her and we will get our nails done together for my part. Plus the Prom isn't long after the Military Ball, so I can spend some time with her then. I figure it'll take me til that long to be able to afford the sort of dresses she wants anyway lol.

Lord help me when someday we have to go looking for formalwear for weddings and such. There's a ton more involved in that and i'm already overwhelmed knowing Prom is coming up. Lordy Lordy.


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