January 28, 2009

Ash's Dress

Ash and my Mom went dress shopping again last night and they found the most awesome dress. Ashley is soooooooooooo excited and the dress looks fantastic on her. I can't wait to get her hair done and everything for the big night. I also have to find her some shoes to go with it which is the hardest part since she wears a size 12 women's.

We're having a huge debate about this issue too. Feel free to weigh in because i can't see how she thinks this would work.

Her View: She has big feets and she wants to wear heels to try and minimize how big her feet are. She thinks flats will show more and poke out of the dress, maximizing her feet.

My View: She walks heavy and doesn't wear heels. She's gonna break her freakin neck!Who cares if her feet show as long as she doesn't embarrass herself by being on the floor all night? AND she's going to want to dance, she has NO idea how hard heels can be to do that in when you've never really worn them before.

I'm seriously considering going and finding a pair of heels at a resale shop or something for a few dollars and making her walk in them for a few hours in the kitchen. That way she can see what it will be like BEFORE i spend $100 on shoes she'll never wear again. Make sense? Am I over thinking this? Should I just get the heels and let her be happy? I'm seriously stuck on this one.


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