January 10, 2009

The Box Arrived!

Tyler finally got his Ridemakerz car in the mail. The postal carrier can now breathe easier knowing that he won't be stalking her everyday. I'm sure she's pleased. I know I am.

Anyway, Tyler got his goodies yesterday and got everything put together. As you can see, even Jonathon assisted. Not that Tyler needed any help mind you. Jonathon just likes the whole "big brother is here to help the little brother" thing.

Now that he has it all put together, he's using it to chase the cats around the kitchen and annoying the heck out of me and Diesel. I keep telling him he doesn't need to worry about Diesel or I breaking it. He should be worried about the cats. They'll get him back eventually and attack rather than retreat. I shall try to video it lol.


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