January 21, 2009

Cyber Junk & Virus Removal

Ever since that debacle not long ago when Dipwad decided to watch porn on my son's laptop and then my recent issues with my own laptop i've been looking for a good program to use for virus removal and prevention. No I wasn't watching porn either. I honestly still have no idea what happened. It just slowed down, I forced a shut down and it wouldn't load windows after that.

I ended up having to reload Windows onto the PCs that it happened to and
of course everything was lost that i'd had on the computers. Thank gawd I back all my pics up to my online storage for the most part so i lost very few. I did however lose some things I had wanted to keep as far as documents the kids had typed and things like that.

So anyway, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure when it comes to PC infections. I have a few preferred programs i like to use but i'd like it a great deal if i could just find one good program that does it all. Spyware, virus and identity protection being the most important aspects I'd like to have in said wonder program.

I checked out Cyber Defender this morning and it does seem to do all the things I want a program to do. I downloaded the trial and it found a few issues, not anything critical but things like cookies and some registry errors. Nothing I can't deal with. One thing I did notice and didn't install was a toolbar that goes with the software. I'm thinking if children use your computer this might actually be the most valuable aspect of the program itself. Especially as far as preventing issues before you have to do any virus removal. The toolbar has a few different features but one i'm interested in is one that tells you the security risk of the site. If the site is known to be safe there's a green box with a smiley face. If the site is known to be a risk or indeed a bad place to be, there's a red warning box.

Let's face it. Kids just don't understand that the most innocent search can turn ugly in a flash. Not that long ago a search for "Snow White" could have been a real eye opener for a munchkin before some of the search sites implemented a few safety measures. Not just that, but my boys love going to look for cheat codes for the games they have beaten already to see what else they could have done. You wouldn't believe how many of the sites that offer these codes look legitimate in the search screen but once loaded, they're full of porn and/or viruses. The kid didn't do anything wrong really, but it's now a big headache for a parent who has to explain the images or fix the PC or both as it usually works out.

A simple smiley face or red warning would be a great tool for kids allowed to use the internet without parental guidance. I ALWAYS advise sitting with your child when they use the internet but I know that many parents don't. So they should take extra steps to protect their child from things they shouldn't see and they're assets as well in the process.

I haven't decided whether i'll take advantage of the tools i found in Cyber Defender. I typically don't purchase any software online without a hefty recommendation from a trusted individual or I have the option to test drive the software in full functionality for a few days. If I do though, I'll let ya know what I think.


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