January 23, 2009


Yesterday Daniel and I went to do some shopping and we were talking about his car situation. Mainly the fact that he has no car in his situation lol. I filed my taxes Monday I think and i have promised that with my refund i'll give him $1000 to put down on a car.

I'm a little hacked off about this though. See not that long ago I had to go to court with my ex over child support. Not that he wasn't paying it, just that he was barely paying anything. He makes over $80K a year according to what i've been told and he was paying $300 a month. The kids needed things and I was tired of really being the only one to provide them. Now he did help buy some school clothes too but I did it all year long. Don't get me wrong, I know there are Mothers out there who have to do it ALL because they're ex's do nothing. I'm not ungrateful, I just figure if he could afford to do things for everyone BUT his kids, he needed a little financial re-direction in favor of his own children. Sooooooooo, it was a huge drama, but we went to court. In return for me not raising the child support he agreed to buy Daniel a car by that following August. I was cool with that because it took a considerable load off me knowing *I* didn't have to come up with the money myself. Like I said, All I was really wanting was help! Anyway, That was over a year ago now and he didn't do it.

Now I can debate all day whether or not he COULD, he says he can't though and it's not really like I can force him. I could take him to court but in the grand scheme of things, I'd rather not see his and Daniel's relationship suffer anymore than it already has. Plus, i have to admit he has been being more helpful as of late in several ways. I'm not at all above giving credit where it's due. So, It's easier to just put the down payment down for Daniel. He can have some freedom, a job and we'll be done with it.

In the ex's defense and to his credit, he did say yesterday when i mentioned all this to him that if I put down $1000, he'd do the same so that maybe we could buy Daniel a car outright to get him back and forth to work til he could afford to pay payments. Daniel likes that idea so i guess that's the plan we'll go with.

I'm actually hoping that the arrangement will help their relationship as well. Maybe it will finally convince Daniel that his Dad really does love him.


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