January 12, 2009

I Shopped Til I Dropped

This past weekend was hectic and not just a little disappointing. I shopped, got all the things I needed to and I found out that a trusted friend really did me in over the holidays. I am not going to get into specifics as the friend and others read here and I have no need to embarrass anyone. I'm simply sad and hope to understand better at some point how she could do what she did to me.

Anyway, I got the book I've been trying to go get by Rene Morris, called The SonShine Girls, Summer Secret. I met Rene through her blog and she's sort of a neighbor of mine. I had bought 2 for my nieces but i've decided to give one away. Stay tuned for that later today. The other one I'll give to my oldest niece for her birthday or maybe Easter.

I got all the beds i needed to get. I'm not completely happy with what what i found but it's all good sturdy furniture and not something i'll need to worry with replacing for quite some time. So that works out great.

I bought the kids Guitar Hero World Tour and watched My 21 year old sing "Beat It". I'm pretty sure i'm scarred for life now. When he "heeeeeeee heeeeee'd and grabbed himself while moonwalking and did this leg hike move I nearly pee'd myself. I literally laughed so hard I was in tears and couldn't see anymore. We also found out that Daniel wouldn't be a very good drummer. He killed the band 3 times in a row in the opening notes of the song. Lets just say the other bandmembers were none too happy and the drumsticks have been banned from his hands forever until he can pass the training course.

Ash got new a new bedset, it's a pink reversible one and i'm going to make her some accessories to go with it. Like cute pillows and wallhangings and such. If I don't beat her first and put her in the shed. She's driving me crazy with her attitude lately. I've even threatened to send her to live with her father so she can see that it's not just ME that doesn't like her attitude. Maybe then she'd realize that she's only being asked to be respectful and not so rude to the rest of the household. Or maybe it's just that she's 18 and needs to go through another mouthy stage. I dunno what it is, but i hope it ends soon.

Jonathon moves into his house today. After I buy him some groceries that is. The lights are on over there as of today. Do me a favor and just don't ask me who paid the light deposit, i'm sure you can guess anyway and it wasn't Dipwad. it was nice having him around again but in a way i'll be glad for a break from him. I forgot how hyper he is and it really affects the house dynamics. Everyone is overall happier when he's around because he's fun and the family is together, but it's also louder and i can't work like I need to.

Except for the friend thing, it was a nice weekend. I plan to go talk to the friend when I am calmer and can ask the right questions without strangling anyone. Just kidding!! I really just hope to salvage what I can of the situation and as i said before, try to understand.

Ought to be interesting. Wish me luck and stay tuned for Guitar Hero Video's lol.


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