January 13, 2009

Just Shoot Me

So i mentioned yesterday that I'd had an issue with a friend. This morning I had to make up for what the friend did. Well I didn't HAVE to I suppose, but it was the right thing to do and so I did it. Anyway, while I was going about gathering information i realized I'd made a few big booboo's. First I'm not positive i ever even notified Kim that she'd won. I know I went to and I was going to comment on a post but i don't remember actually getting to it.

Second, the other Kim never even sent me her address and so i'm not even sure who the heck I was mailing it to. In my defense i'm going to claim the stress of the holidays and possible momentary insanity that lasted 2 weeks.

When Miss Georgie notified me of a potential problem and I started digging to find out the issue I never even contacted Tammy to see if she'd received hers. So she had no idea there was even an issue. Toni was wondering what happened but she's so sweet she didn't want to bother me and i suspect Tammy was doing the same thing. So Miss Georgie saved the day by checking in and I'm so glad she did on many levels. Miss Spicy knew later and told me not to worry with sending her a replacement prize, but I insisted. She wasn't the only one who said that, and she wasn't the only one I ignored lol. Toni guessed correctly in knowing I wouldn't take no for an answer anyway. Smart lady that Toni.

First, i'd hate for someone to be expecting something and not receive it and secondly and probably most importantly, I found out that someone i trusted shouldn't have been. That one will take some time to get past I guess, but overall it's okay. Life goes on and I will too.

Soooooooooo all Holiday Link Love Contest Winners have now been awarded with Amazon gift cards and i hope they find something they like for themselves.

I'll go wake up now


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