January 28, 2009

Moving On

After crying for 2 days i've decided I have to do what Wolfie would want. Move on and remember the fun times, not the bad. I don't have a choice in the matter anyway. I need to work and I feel pretty certain that my customers wouldn't appreciate their Customer Relations expert crying on their calls.

Sooooooooo, today i shall not cry, I will work all day and I'll be the strong woman he believed in. Wish me luck lol, i'll probably need it.

Anyway, Valentines Day is coming up soon. I swear this year is flying by already. I always buy the kids something for V-day. Nothing big really, just some sort of candy. This year i've decided to have flowers delivered to Ash at school instead of surprising her at home after school. I know she'll be ecstatic about that since she has asked me to do so before. I couldn't afford to at the time though.

Soooooooooooo, now all I have to do is decide what to send. I looked at 1800flowers.com and they have so many beautiful arrangements to choose from it's almost ridiculous. She doesn't really have a favorite flower, but her favorite color is purple. She also tends to like hot pinks as well. That being the case i'm considering sending this arrangement:

It's pretty, sweet, calorie free and i think she'd be very pleased with it. I hope so anyway. There are a few more I have to consider as well. There's just so many!I'm not a flower lover myself as far as cut flowers go, but i admire the gorgeous colors that nature provides us. I love to GROW flowers. I just planted 2 pink roses a few days ago and I bought another flowering tree this past weekend to plant in front of the house. I'll get it planted eventually i'm sure. Only took me 2 weeks to force Daniel to plant the roses.

Anyway, if you plan to send flowers for V-day, remember you can buy now and have them sent later. One less thing to worry about, you beat the rush and the long hold times if you need to call in.


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