January 21, 2009

New Contest.... Win Sonshine Girls, Summer Secret!

I mentioned this a few days ago and haven't gotten around to deciding how I wanted to go about handling the contest. I'm still thinking about it as i type this as a matter of fact lol. I'm starting to think I may know why I like Miss Georgie's blog "Decisionally Challenged". It kinda describes me lol.

Anyway, as I said before in a previous post I had purchased 2 copies of Rene Morris' first published book, "Sonshine Girls, Summer Secret". I had bought them for my older nieces but it's just a little over one of their reading levels and i'm sure that there's another little girl out there who would love to read this awesome young reader book. The books are written for ages 9 to 12.

Now to enter the contest. Please remember one of the main points of this is not just so that someone gets a free book for their munchkin. It's also to help draw attention to a new author who is putting out a message of ethics, Christian caring, kindness to others and VALUES! These are all important factors missing terribly from books written for tweens right now. I know certain books are really popular now, but for those parent allowing their kids to read them, can you say it's possible your little girl might learn anything truly valuable for her life by reading them? My guess is probably not. So lets help someone who IS promoting what our girls need to know!

So here ya are:
5 entries- Go to the Sonshine Girls blog, scroll down a little, look on the left sidebar and take the button code and add it to your blog. It MUST be there on the day of the drawing or the 5 entries will be invalid.

3 entries, Twitter about this contest and provide me with link to the twitter post in a comment.

3 entries for blogging about the contest.

2 entries for EACH blogger you send here that enters the contest. They MUST name your blog in their comment for you to get credit.

Please put all your entry efforts into ONE comment on this post to make it easier for yourself and me both.

Along with the book, you'll receive a $10 Wal-Mart card and 1000 entrecredits for Entrecard users.

Canadian residents welcome to enter and will receive a $10 e-card to Amazon instead of the Wal-mart card.

Contest ends February 1st, 2008 at midnight CST and book will be shipped in time for Valentines Day. Please contact me with any questions.


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