January 29, 2009

Pitbull Bans

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Last night I had a bad dream about Max. Max is my pitbull mix doggie. When Max came along I didn't want another dog. I already had 2 big dogs and the evil chihuahua, plus Tex, the cat. Max needed me though and I couldn't refuse him love and comfort. You can read how Max came to live with us here, here and here but beware, it's not a pretty story at all.

Max is truly part of the family now. He's such a good guy. He drives me crazy with his barking at EVERY freaking thing that moves, believe me, NOTHING gets by him, but other than that he's a fantastic doggie. He minds well, he doesn't chew. He's a perfect gentleman to my nieces and he still loves his cat.

I dreamed last night that one of these stupid ass BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) bills was passed in my area forcing me to euthanize Max. These bills are a joke as far as anything useful. The ONLY thing they do is cause a great deal of pain and worry for those of us who love our dogs and teach them to be loving family members.

I know there are people who have been hurt by Pitbulls, Rottweilers and other such big dogs, there are just as many though who are bitten by Chihuahua's, Dachshunds and other such small supposedly harmless dogs. I can tell you as a child I was terrorized by my aunts stupid Dachshund, "Domino". I had a German Shepard who would sooner die than bite me or anyone else though. Well, actually I have to qualify that, he didn't hurt people, but after he saw a little white dog bite me once he carried a vendetta til the day he died and we had to really keep a close eye on him. He'd kill them in a heartbeat. He wasn't vicious though, he'd just decided all little white dogs meant an imminent threat to those he loved. Makes good doggie sense to me since he wouldn't know that someone loved that little white doggie as much as he loved us.

My own Rottie.....i got from the pound several years ago. He has been ridden, stepped on, pulled, pushed, had meat taken right out of his mouth and he's terrified of thunder, fireworks and little girls who want to walk him on a leash. He literally hides under a bedside table that stands about 18" off the floor. He weighs 150 pounds. You figure that out, I still haven't. Point being, even though i didn't get him as a small puppy he's still very well behaved and kind. I know for a fact he was abused by a previous owner and i'm fairly certain it was a black man who was involved in the abuse. I know that because he was around black women and children often and never so much as breathed heavier, but a black man especially one with a beard comes along and his hair stands up and he takes a very protective stance. I don't even recognize my dog when he does that. He's never attacked except when someone was breaking in the house, but he's never put in a situation where he could hurt someone or himself. I know that's an issue and I protect my DOG. That's what a responsible pet owner does.

As for Max.........lord i can't tell you how big a NON issue he is. He is quite happy to let Diesel be the boss of the yard. He loves to play fetch and have fun. He loves to snuggle up on a blanket and watch tv with anyone who'll let him. He has no prejudices at all. He loves everyone. If you read what he'd been through in getting to be with our family, that's nothing short of remarkable.

So reading all these statistics about dog bites and how the pit Bull breed must be "eradicated" or "regulated" really makes me wonder if some people got their degrees from cereal boxes. Where's the research on the real culprit? The dogs owner! Are we going to eradicate the dumbass who fed the dog gun powder to make it meaner and literally crazy? Are we going to prosecute the idiot who goes to great lengths to tease and torment a dog to the point where it WANTS to bite? It wants to HURT because it HAS been! It wants to bite because it's been taught that if it does, the owner praises it. Dogs love unconditionally and it doesn't matter what breed it is, it has the potential to bite, ESPECIALLY when taught to do so.

Yes, large dogs can kill. Is that because it's a particular breed? No. It's common sense! Yes it's more dangerous if a big dog bites you. His teeth are bigger than a Chihuahua's and there's alot more muscle behind it. Duh! So the Rottie that bites once is worse than the Chihuahua who's bitten 10-15 times? I don't think so. Trust me, Chihuahua's have 100 times more attitude than 10 Rotts, trained or not. I have 3 huge dogs with massive teeth, the only one that worries me is the chihuahua. She WILL bite if she is tired, cranky, given a bath, dressed in a new dress, given flea medication, if children try to pick her up, or if someone messes with the kids and she thinks they are being hurt. Wanna know who's fault that is? MINE! I socialized her. I made sure she wasn't a yapping attacking brat. She's so spoiled though that even *I* can't keep from being bitten sometimes. She rules the house and she'll bite you if you don't believe it. So she wasn't taught to bite, but she wasn't taught NOT to either. So I protect her. I don't put her in situations where i need to defend her. I am a responsible owner who realizes that i inadvertently overlooked an important aspect of my dogs life. So, I tell people not to rough house with the kids. I tell kids not to pick her up and to leave her alone. She will go to them to be loved on and she's fine, they just can't force her to accept love. Has to be HER idea. No one outside the family deals with her baths, dressing her or anything else she doesn't like except the vet when needed and he sedates her lol. He HAS to!

See my point though? It's truly not the breed that's the problem. It's the people who raise them. Even owners who DO love their dog and treat them right can be a problem if the dog isn't socialized or taught important behavior manners. I realize that some dogs are intended for protection. Great! Train them properly! There are ways to teach a dog to be on guard and not attack. Additionally, said dogs should STILL be protected from their own instincts by their owners! Don't go get your dog trained to attack and leave them in a situation that could hurt them. DUH! We're back to "it's not the dogs fault that they are doing what they were TAUGHT". It's a vicious circle and only the dogs suffer for it. The idiot who taught them to be this way or didn't protect them isn't euthanized, the dog is.

Look at Micheal Vick. I'm sorry but that pig should never see the light of day outside prison. There is NO excuse! Do you KNOW what he did to those poor animals?
Do you have ANY idea how horrible the training is for these dogs? Being HUNG, being starved, being ran mercilessly. All to build stamina and strength so they can rip another dogs throat out faster and more efficiently. The DOG takes the blame though when it's let loose on society. When it hurts a child because it doesn't know any better, it's the dogs fault. Somehow he should have known better after all the torture and pain he's been through? I don't think so.

Anyway, I know this is a long post, but i hope people read it and see that there's someone else to punish. The owners. Read the following article and see what a truly cared for and loved Pit can do. He saluted the PRESIDENT!!!! Can your fuzzy cute protected dog do that? MY guess is no.

Just think..........pleeeeeeeeeeeease before you vote for something because of a sad story you see on the news. Yes it's unfortunate and so sad when a child or anyone is hurt by a Dog, but ask yourself what the true problem is and lobby for better animal rights. REALLY prosecute the offender, not the other victim.


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