January 12, 2009

SAT Practice

Calling all readers, card droppers and even stalkers creepy as you may be. Anyone know of a good site to use for SAT Practice? I've tried a couple and felt they just weren't what I was looking for. So i figured I'd check with you lovely and some not so lovely people and see if anyone had ever used one that they liked.

Daniel has to take his SAT and he wants to score pretty high. He's been out of school for a year now and in order to get the free college scholarships he needs he needs to score well. I've found quite a few places to register for those but he has to pass the SAT before he can be accepted at any college.

He's decided to go for a teaching degree with emphasis on Physical Education and coaching. I personally think this is a great way for him to go considering his particular interests and talents. There are a great deal of scholarships available for those area's of learning interest so finding some financial help while he's going through college should be easy. It'll also take a big burden off of me. One less thing for me to worry about is always nice.

So anyway, if anyone knows of a good SAT site or even a free scholarship site that they like really well, please feel free to share.


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