January 20, 2009

Say Goodbye To Mii Wii

Do you know how hard it is to find a Wii right now? I'll tell you......it's pretty freakin hard unless you want a huge bundle that costs over $500. Guess what i DON'T want.

I only wanted the Nintendo Wii because I want the ability to not have to fight with the controllers all the other game systems use. Wii remotes and accessories are so much easier for people like me who aren't really gamers and don't have all the dexterity to imitate an octopus or something with 100 thumbs. This is why i STILL prefer the very first 2 nintendo's ever made. The controllers were easier!

Anyway, i'm not really giving up on finding a Wii because i really want the Wii Fit more than anything. I am frustrated over it though. It's literally sold out everywhere locally.

The kids have their Xbox360 that they play Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero World Tour on.I have to send the Guitar Hero drums back to be repaired or replaced though, According to the Activision troubleshooting site they're malfunctioning. it's a really fun game though. If you have several kids who fight over game time this is a great way to let everyone play. The only problem is forcing them to rotate out so everyone gets to play everything as well as sing. But hey if Jonathon can sing "Beat it", then i'm sure you can get your kids involved in it too lol. Matter of fact, my sister is horrified daily at having 2 toddlers singing "Slow Ride, Take It Easy" ever since they were introduced to the Guitar Hero game lol. No clue why they like that song but i've heard Miss Z screaming on the phone for her big brothers to play that song.

I bought myself a Playstation 2 for Christmas. A used model of course. Then I saw some games I REALLY want and guess what they're made for? You guessed it. Of course the ones I want are for a PS3 only. I haven't gotten brave enough yet to play the Dance Dance Revolution game I bought and the kids have sort of taken over that system too anyway, but i plan to kick them out tonight after work so i can play it.

The boys are all bugging me to buy Halo 3. I had told them I wasn't buying anymore war games but i might get that one since they've wanted it for so long. I think it's only for an Xbox360 though. At least I have the right system for what THEY want lol. They beat Halo 2 several times and have practically been drooling to get to play the new version. On the upside the new version has a wireless headset for Halo3 that might help one of my objections to the war games. The kids play them sooooo loud! I'll look into it, no promises though.

Anyway, hopefully soon i'll be adding my Wii and the Wii fit to our collection and I can't wait. I want that thing sooooooooo bad!


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