January 9, 2009

School Started Again, YAY ME!

Well it did for Ashley anyway. Tyler has to wait til Monday. I'm telling you this has literally got to be the worst school district in the history of them all. I have truly never before seen more ridiculous bouts of lack of professionalism than I have with the faculty's of the 2 schools I have to deal with.

Regardless Ash is in school and seems to like it so far so that's great. This school does afford her a few more opportunities than the old one did and it makes a few things easier as well so hopefully the faculty gets better as you get to know them lol. Not much else I can hope for.

We went and did some shopping after school yesterday. Tyler had another growth spurt over the holidays and his pants are getting too short again. Ash just needed things like Jeans, shirts and some intimates that i'm not allowed to name of course. Not that I would anyway. But she was clear on the matter just the same. " Mom, do not discuss this on your blog!", are the orders I am to follow. There was probably more than that in this set of orders but all i heard after that sentence was "blah blah moan gripe moan gripe blah blah".

I have to say the kids did well and spent wisely and managed to get quite a bit for what they were allowed to spend. Ash even got 2 more pairs of shoes to add to her already ungodly collection and Tyler bought quite possibly the ugliest pair of shoes i have ever seen. I bet he doesn't wear them more than twice. They even LOOK uncomfortable.

Oh well, we had fun. We also went and saw Jonathon at work and had dinner while making funny faces at him across the restaurant. He was on break then so it was okay. Except for the part where we got caught by the manager and our waitress and he couldn't deny knowing us really at that point.

Oh the fun we had........thank goodness it's over and i can stay out of those places for another several months if i plan it jusssssssst right.


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