January 26, 2009

Social Anxiety

In an effort to market my blog and gain readers as well when i first started blogging, I signed up for most any and all the popular social networking sites. It sounded like a great idea, except here's what happened. I'm now a member of about 30 social sites. Ask me how many i use? Ask me how many times I've even been back more than once. It's not often, I can tell you that.

It's not on purpose that I do this either. It's that I'm busy as hell and I just can't get to everything in most cases. Then there's the people I call "snobby bloggers" that invade the places. These are the "head cheerleader" types who blog about things most of us will never understand because we live in the real world where life isn't made better by a prettier blog or making up a new nonsensical word that all the snobby buddies will use ad nauseum.

I'm not talking about any particular blog or the popular blogs themselves either. There are some fantastic blogs that are very popular. I'm talking about total crap blogs that offer nothing to the world except " I bought this, i got this, i went here, I did this, I want this, I have this, everything I have is better than everyone elses" blogs. And you know what i wonder each time I stumble across them? If the blogger is so well to do, why are they blogging daily for a couple dollars and free stuff? Hmmmmmmm?? I know that other bloggers do it for extra money for their households for necessities and to bring in another income, that's cool. I do the same thing. The snobby bloggers supposedly have everything though so what gives? Are they lying? Are they just greedy? Are they living out a former popularity they can't quite let go of from highschool? Am I just irritated this morning? Why yes I am lol.

Anyway, I digress, My point isn't that there are annoying bloggers out there, it's that I have way too darn many Social memberships and some need to go. Soooooooo, I'm asking for your help my darling readers/friends/Entrecard Droppers/Stalkers/people who are related to me.

What social sites have yielded actual results for you as far as increasing blog traffic? I put a poll over there-------> and would be ever so grateful to any who answer it. I couldn't think of all the social sites so i made it so that you could type in a fave i missed/don't know of.

What really brought all this up? Well, I have to say that a really surprising thing happened Saturday. I joined a weekly meme called Camera Critters. I got 100% more traffic and comments on my blog from that than I did ANY social site. I'm not kiddig either. I also joined another last week and i did it wrong and heard about it all freakin day, but it was a slight increase as well even if the comments were " you did it wrong" lol. My point is, how is this possible and does this mean that that meme's work better than social sites do?

I'm thinking that when you consider that the hit is coming from another blog/site and not just Entrecard or something akin, that I was told that hit is worth more to Google. I haven't found any proof of that so far though so don't take my word for it. I may try experimenting with it. Perhaps if I find a few weekly meme's that I like, I will sign up for them and see how that works out.

Not that i'm in any way dissatisfied with my current traffic or regular readers. I'm definitely not. I mainly wonder because of the rise I saw this weekend and it got me thinking.

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.


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