January 25, 2009

Something Cool

Since I know many of my readers have crafts that they sell online and such I thought i'd mention Artfire.com. I bought some goodies over there for Ash from a seller who's blog I read and I also spent some time looking around while there. For smaller sellers there are NO fee's at all and for those who sell and list a great deal of items there's a premium service for $20 a month. That's a HUGE savings off certain other services which shall remain nameless.

I love buying handmade gifts anyway. Helping to support other bloggers and crafters who are trying to make money online is a bonus.

I also found out that every time someone registers, even as a free user, a tree is planted through a partnership between Artfire and Trees For The Future. Is that not a wonderful thing. Lower and in some cases NO selling fee's for fellow crafters/bloggers and baby tree's! Awesome Idea. I'm even happier now that i signed up when i bought the goodies for Ashley.


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