January 21, 2009

An Unhappy Teenager

I've mentioned a few times that my daughter is really unhappy with her weight. She truly isn't that much over her ideal weight. She's got her Daddy's build and she will never be a teeny tiny. It's just not in her genetic makeup and someday she'll realize that and be okay with it. She does have some tummy fat that she needs to shed but that's about all. Any other problem areas she feels she has can be fixed with some toning. She's just not the cow she sees herself as at all.

Last night didn't help either. She went dress shopping with her Granny and apparently there were just no really nice dresses in her size and the few that were her normal size didn't fit. She came home and refused to eat dinner and peeled herself an orange and an apple to have for breakfast this morning.

I keep pushing portion control to them but they just don't get it really. Or they pretend not to anyway. I suspect that's the true issue. They don't WANT to see it til something like last night happens. I'm leading by example. I'm watching what I eat, eating smaller portions and working out. I'm buying very few unhealthy snacks and pushing fruits and veggies as options for cravings instead of snack cakes and junk like that. I'm dropping weight fast because of it too.

Daniel is doing more too now. He wears a sauna suit or "a giant trash bag" as Tyler calls it and walks a mile a day then works out with his weights. He's only been doing this a week but he's already feeling better.

Ashley just doesn't want to do anything to physically help herself. I don't know if it's a lack of energy or just tired because she's in school all day or just laziness. I don't think it's being lazy really but could be a combination of all the above maybe.

Whatever it is, i want to help her feel better physically and about herself. I hate seeing her so disappointed and feeling bad about herself. There's just only so much I can do to help her if she won't help herself too.

Just in case it's an energy issue I looked up some information today on phytonutrients. This is basically just plant based nutrition that is a highly important part of the diet for energy, immunity health and antioxdants among other beneficial dietary needs.

So far the best place i've found for the info is phytolife.com. There's some fabulous information about how to get more phytonutrients into your daily diet by showing what nutrients are available in certain veggies and other natural foods. There are some great, easy phytonutrient rich recipes too. Many of the recipes use bagged salads and veggies you find in the supermarket already cut, chopped and ready to use. I love those things!

After work today I'm going to get the ingredients I need to make Ashley and I a Ruby Reds, Feta and Watermelon salad. I'll also pick her up some of the suggested veggies and see if I can help her a little by increasing her energy levels. Maybe that will give her the extra umph she needs to do more for herself instead of it taking incidents like last night to open her eyes. It may not work, she does eat lots of veggies already, but the worst that will happen here is that she eats more veggies and gets healthier because of it. I can deal with that just fine.


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