January 10, 2009

What Will They Think Of Next

Who in the world thought of baby slings for the modern day? I would just love to thank them for not thinking of them SOONER. Ya know, like when I needed one or 3 myself. Well, I suppose they had SOME but have you seen the ones available 21 years ago? Not exactly comfortable OR at all fashionable.

I always thought it was so genius of Native American Mothers when i used to see old timey pics with them picking up wood or gardening and their little one was strapped to their backs keeping their hands free to do the things they needed to do to get through life. No babysitter needed, things get done, Mother and child spend time together. Beautiful concept.

When Jonathon was a baby, i rarely put him down. He was so cute and warm and smelled heavenly most of the time. At 17 I was totally in love with my little guy. I could kick his butt now, but that's neither here nor there lol and he's not so little anymore at 6'3". I was the same way with the other kids too. If i did nothing else, I did bond with my babies and that shows today in the way we interact with each other and the relationship we have.

I used to have this little sampler I made when I was pregnant with Jonathon. It said:
Cleaning and dusting can wait til tomorrow,
for babies grow up we've learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

So looking at these baby carriers for the modern day I wish I'd had them. Jonathon was truly a very independent baby. He liked being held but he had his moments when he preferred to do his own thing. He never wanted to do hi own thing if I was cooking or cleaning though. Daniel was sure he needed to be held constantly and he cried more often than not. He was such a difficult baby and at 18 I was wore out with him. He had colic, he'd been sick at birth from his lungs not developing fully, and every little thing woke him up when i'd finally get him to rest. I used to go sit with him and put him in his infant carrier on top of the dryer and let it run. The sound or the vibration helped him sleep better for whatever reason. So he'd sleep and i'd stand there while watching Jonathon watch cartoons or play on the floor. Needless to say, there wasn't much housekeeping that got done.

Ashley was much like Jonathon but she insisted that she be held more than he did. She didn't get to be really difficult til she turned 3 and then again at 14. I'm still waiting for the second wave to pass.

Tyler was 2 months premature and we spent so much time in the hospital for the first year that there was no need for me to want a sling, we stayed in a room all day long together. When home he was pretty independent and loved to swing in his swing while scratching at this silly little piano thing. But as with the others, if i NEEDED to be doing something, he insisted he be held. I think babies have a radar that says "Uh Oh, she's thinking of something other than me, Scream, scream now!!!"

Two Halloweens ago, when my sister started her visits with my then cousins and now nieces. I saw a sling for the first time. She carried little lilybug all night in that thing and she was warm and loved and all cuddled up. It was adorable! So for the new baby i'm getting her a moby wrap. I think i may get some Mini Moby's for Miss Z and Zanderfella too. it's going to be an adjustment for them with mommy having yet another baby. Lily's only 1 and both Z's are 2 so maybe this will help them adapt. They can be like mommy and carry their toys around. Isn't this adorable?


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