January 13, 2009

WooHoo More Money I Have To Spend

The move to the new school is causing more than irritation with the awful faculty being imposed on parents and students alike. It's also causing my checkbook to shrink. When we did Ashley's class schedule the other day we simply elected to let her take Physical Education. Not a big deal really since she was going to take the Aerobics class they offered as an option.

Well......she was approached about changing over to JROTC instead. Now I think this is a really good idea. It's free to join and the uniform is free as well. Ashley could use the discipline they help instill too. So this is a Win/Win really. She gets the confidence boost and discipline she needs and I get to enjoy the fact that someone else is bossing her around lol.

What I didn't need was the news I got this morning. I have to spend even more money. Apparently there's a Military Ball coming up in February. Now don't get me wrong, I love to see my daughter all dressed up and looking gorgeous. It's the Money it costs for those dresses that makes me cringe. They're most definitely not cheap and i'll have to buy another one for prom just a month or so later. I figure if i work straight through from 7am to midnight everyday I can just about afford it all lol. Should be no problem right?

It's not just the dress either. There's the eye makeup, the hairdresser, the shoes, the accessories and the list goes on and on. Deeeeep Joy. Oh well, I guess I'll go start shopping at Stylehive.com now and maybe save myself some money on the makeup and such. Gawd knows she's going to break me on the dresses and shoes as it is.


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