February 9, 2009

Ball Down, Prom To Go

Ash had a great time at the Military Ball. I picked her and her friend up at midnight and they were still giggling over the night's events. It was cute but i wish i'd brought duct tape for the friend lol. I spent most the drive home thinking "shut up, please shut up, oh gawd please shut the hell UP". Cute girl just very very jabbery.

Anyway, Brittany asked if Ash was not happy in her pics. The answer is yes and no. She was ecstatic with how nice she looked and everything, she was hacked off that we had 30 minutes to get there and I forced her to take pics lol. That and she never smiles for pictures. I think that's a teenager thing. I sent the pics to my Mom as soon as I got home from dropping her off and that was the first thing she asked too. "Why isn't she smiling???"

I'm pretty much literally exhausted with it all being over. I was forced to go to the mall to get her ready for this. Cruel I tell ya, CRUEL! I spent all day yesterday cuddled up on the couch, even fell asleep during the Pro-Bowl. Shocking huh?

Oh well, it's over now, I figure I have just enough time to recover before it's time to get ready for the prom. Deeeeeeeeeeeep joy.


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