February 5, 2009

Cross Your Fingers

Daniel has an interview today!!! A job a real live job!! Do you know what this means?
This means I get to be alone again sometimes!! I'm not sure why that's important really since i'll just be working but the prospect is exciting nonetheless. Maybe it's because when i lay down for that hour ever afternoon, Daniel wakes me up 5-6 times for no real reason at all. I guess it doesn't occur to him that i take a nap for a reason. I'm exhausted!

Anyway, so he has a job interview and i'm all excited. The only hitch is that if he gets the job he'll have to wear work boots. Which means I have to buy them. Which costs a freakin fortune. Heck i still have to try and get Ashley's shoes for her dress for Saturday. Nothing like waiting til the last minute right? I looked online for boots in case i have to buy them for sure and found some Double H Boots that look really nice and should last a long while too. They actually had some really nice boots there too. I'm a little confused over the need for steel toed dress boots though. Would you need those if you planned to dance with someone who steps on your feet alot or something?

Anyway, wish us luck. Daniel a job and me a peaceful nap.


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