February 2, 2009

Easter? Not Yet!

I don't know about anyone else but i'm already getting emails about Easter! We aren't even PAST V-day yet!! AAAAGHHHHHHHH!! Oh well, it just so happens that I love love love Easter. Mostly because it's of special religious significance for me but also because it's a family day and I get to play with all the munchkins.

I have to laugh though. All these emails so far have one common theme. Decorating these fantastic Easter eggs. I'll tell ya in a sec what my own family does with the eggs but first I want to know who really takes the time to masterfully decorate an Easter egg? Seriously? If they're going to be eaten why bother? I can see making beautiful decorations that will last for years to come but edible Easter eggs? Am I just missing something here? I know a woman who spends roughly 15-20 minutes on each egg and i just don't get it at all. I color on them somewhat, write silly things on them or draw flowers but i'm talking about a 2 minute thing tops. Draw, throw it in some dye, let it soak, take it out, I'm done.

For my family this works pretty well. We play egg baseball after the Easter egg hunt is over. Each family brings around 3-4 dozen, we even dye some uncooked eggs for good measure. The kids hunt them and then we put them all in a few baskets, mark the bases and egg ball begins. When it's closer to Easter, I'll post all the rules for anyone who'd like to try it out for their family. It really is fun for all ages and it eliminates having 100 eggs to get rid of for each family. Plus they're biodegradable and the birds love it. Oh but be careful, don't try to play this in a national park. The park rangers don't approve. Huge Drama! One of my favorite Easter Memories in fact is hearing about the family almost being tossed outta the national park for it lol. I wasn't there, but it still cracks me up.

Now, that being said, I do also look for cute things to do for my nieces and nephews for all the holidays including Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Easter Ideas along with Christmas seem to be the easiest to find. Celebrations.com has quite a few cute ideas for Easter games that i may try and those of you who go all out for the eggs can find a ton of ideas for new ways to decorate them.

Okay, back To V-day now. I'll come back to Easter after this other wretched day has passed.


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