February 20, 2009

Ever Wanted To Be A Superhero?

I wanted to be Wonder Woman. She was like Barbie but with cool powers and an invisible plane too if Justice League Cartoons were to be believed. I'm sure they were honest, I mean really, they're the good guys right? Well, there were those annoying Wonder Twins who I am positive were actually some sort of demon spawn sent to infiltrate the justice league no matter how much good they did, but other than that the rest were cool.

So anyway, after i grew up a little a few years ago and realized I could never be Wonder Woman, i decided the next best thing would be to try and help people as much as possible. Not necessarily in a financial way, but merely through kindness. Like a card to say I care, clean a sick neighbors house or cook for them. Easy stuff that simply helps others.

So that's what I did. I used craft supplies I had to make things for children in a Mexican orphanage that our church sponsored. I made little stuffed animals, hair accessories and small things that I would send with the church when they did they're yearly Mexico trip. It's a very gratifying feeling and cost me very very little. I still make lap blankets for elderly persons in nursing homes with scrap yarns too. So many of them have no one who cares and very few of their own possessions so they are quite proud of their little lap blankets when they get them. I'm also considering starting to crochet bible covers for them. That's one thing they almost ALL seem to have.

So anyway, i really digressed from the point of this post. The POINT was to tell you about something I found out this morning. Ya know how you get those gift cards and there's this small amount left over that you can't use? Or what about the ones that people send you that you don't want to use? Welllllllllllll, Wish Upon A Hero can help you with that AND you can help them grant wishes by donating those cards to them.

It took me over an hour to find out how to do it so i'll just tell you here rather than send you to look yourself. Instructions are here

You can sign up for the site or not, that's up to you. There are some really sad stories there, I wish I had the money to grant all their wishes.

Anyway, when you have those gift cards, consider giving leftover amounts to them to do some wonderful things.

This is not a paid post or anything, just something I thought i should share.


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