February 10, 2009

Grrrrrrrr, sometimes........

I mentioned that I upgraded my blog to a paid domain not long ago. It was all of $10 and in the long run will be a great investment since I plan to be a blogger forever and ever amen. I know my stalker is like so excited about that lol. No fruitloop, you'll never lose your daily dose of me. Go ahead, jump for joy.

Anyway, I digress, this post isn't about lazy, psychotic, materialistic, Disney princess obsessed freaks who have no life. No, it's about paid posting sites.
Well, One anyway. I'm a member of several. I don't do posting for all of them, but i do like to keep my options open so I check in with them all from time to time. PPP is fantastic. Their support is almost phenomenal. They're polite, courteous and quick in answering. I LOVE THIS! When I wrote to them to ask for their help in updating my acct info due to the new domain, i mentioned that i'd need to know what to do about Social Spark as well since IZEA runs both PP and Social Spark.

Not ONLY did I get an answer in a timely manner BUT the wonderful person who answered me changed the acct info for both companies for me and required me to do nothing else.

Same goes for everyone else EXCEPT Smorty. I don't know why I was surprised either. They literally suck when it comes to support. I don't know what stick is up their collective butts or why they are so freakin unhelpful but I would pretty much rather just die than email them for ANYTHING! They never have anything for me to do lately, so it's not that big a deal really but if they're this awful to a blogger I can't imagine how advertisers are treated. It's like they are just really hacked off that they might have to, oh i dunno, do they're JOB! Gawd forbid! Anyway, like I said it's not like I'm losing anything with them so i don't really know why i'm annoyed with them but I am. I guess it's because it's not the first time i got a reply that was about as helpful as being handed a hammer to remove a splinter from my hand.

ok, so I'm done now, but if anyone ever wants a list of the good ones to write for let me know. I'll be happy to share.


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