February 23, 2009

How Soon Before Better Arrives?

I was reading Yahoo news this morning and saw that Obama is planning to try and cut the national debt. I don't even pretend to get how that works and I won't go into what i think should be done about it really. I'll just say "how about people/countries start paying us BACK?"

Anyway, my neighbors are being foreclosed on. I feel horribly sorry them. He works even more than I do and makes good money. She moved here from the Philippines I think she said. She shops all day, orders take out every day and refuses to work more than 10 hours a week at a local shop that pays her very little. If she would work at least 30 hours per week at even a place like Walmart, not shop for things she ends up giving away on Freecycle anyway or that she "plans" to sell on eBay and actually buy groceries they could probably have avoided this. Now don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful, very sweet person and she does try to do a great deal for others, she just has it in her head that her moving here meant she'd marry a great guy who'd work alot and she'd never have to again. It's her version of the American dream. She was taught that she COULD do this.

I feel bad for them but even the debt management program they enrolled in told her she had to cut out these activities more than a year ago. They warned her that her rate of spending and the lack of extra income to cover it would bring about this latest fiasco. Guess what? They were right.

So today they have an appt with a credit counseling company who feel that they can help them with some of this. She swears that if they can help them she will change her ways and i think she seems sincere. Like I said she's a truly wonderful person and it's as much his fault as hers since he didn't put his foot down and get her to see that he was killing himself to cover her shopping and not able to cover everything else as well.

Hopefully they can hang on just a bit longer and are able to get some help with the whole thing. I'm afraid that he'll blame her if they lose the house and it will hurt if not kill their relationship. She's worried about that as well.

We talked yesterday and I'm supposed to take her grocery shopping with me and help her learn to get a good deal as well as sort of force her to use her English skills. She's hard to understand sometimes but mostly because she only practices on him and he's usually working. I also have to help her this week to load her stuff on eBay. She has 2 rooms of crap that she's bought thinking she could sell and it's made a huge mess. They have a 4 bedroom house and 2 bedrooms are completely full of stuff and one is being started on. I'm HOPING i can talk her into a yard sale first, then load what doesn't sell on EBay. It will make things much easier.

Anyway, here's hoping Better gets here soon, I might not like the new neighbors lol.


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