February 17, 2009

I'm bacccccccccck

I know i was missed terribly right? Uh huh, i see ya in tears so happy that I returned lol.

Okay maybe not, but i'm back anyway. I had a wonnnnnnnnnnnderful weekend and I hope everyone had as nice a V-day weekend as i did. I really mean that.

So today I have a funny to tell ya.

I bought a latte at sonic Friday....they're version anyway. I got to the window to pay for it and the twit at the window decided to edjimicate me. Here's how it went:

Idiot: I hope you don't mind but i wanted to let you know that when you ordered your drink you said it wrong. I don't mind but others might make fun of you for not knowing how to say things. You said "lot-tay" but it's really pronounced "lat", that's the rule for double t's.

Me " Uhhhhhhhhhh, okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy"

Idiot: people can be so confused with those things sometimes so you shouldn't feel funny or anything that you didn't know how to say it

Me: Ya don't say?

Idiot: oh yeah ya wouldn't believe the people we meet up in here and the way they say thangs.

Me: Well uhhhhhh okayyyyyyyyyy, regardless, before you correct another customer, i suggest you go home this evening and look up how to pronounce it.

Idiot: Oh i'm sorry, I wasn't trying to offend or anything, i just didn't want you to be embarrassed

Me: IF you look it up and can understand how to read pronunciations you just might realize i'm not the one who'd be embarrassed, but i will say since you probably were born in this town and went to the school here, it's likely not your fault. Hope that helps, can i have my "law-tay" now?

As one of The Heffers said "It's scary that she will likely breed too". UGH!


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