February 17, 2009

Ever Been Paintballing?

I've been trying to plan an upcoming birthday for maximum fun at a minimum price. Since it'll be for "adults" that's harder than i'd have thought. Where I live the basic birthday parties for adults are barbecues with alot of alcohol, lake fun with alot of alcohol and ummmmmmm.......well pretty much anything involving alcohol and if a bbq pit can be involved that's just that much better.

I'm not a typical person around here. I like to actually DO things and I'm very much not into alcohol. One here and there is fine but anything actually revolving around it is rather immature and not setting a good example for The Bratz.

Sooooooooo, I was thinking of making some use of these paintball guns that i bought my boys a few years ago. There are some places here that are set up for paintball wars that don't cost much. I think it looks like great fun so this might just be what we decide to do. I checked into it yesterday and the place charges $50 for 3 hours. That's pretty reasonable considering we can run around like fools shooting each other with paint.

The only thing to buy is a few paintball accessories and i have a little time to save up so i'm thinking this could be the way i go. We'll see how it plays out but I think it'll be fun.


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