February 5, 2009

Last Weekend's Fun

Last weekend we celebrated my nephews 3rd birthday at Incredible Pizza. Let me tell you, the Pizza is quite short of incredible or anything even coming close but it was fun to play with the kids. I got to play with the little ones mostly which i thought would be the easiest part. I was wrong!

I had Miss Z and Lilybug, and Mr. Z joined us later. My sister was there with us too of course but she's sooooooooo pregnant. So i tried to chase them as much as possible and give her a break. Not that she complains or anything.........remarkably with all those toddlers she doesn't whine at all. I'd have locked myself in the closet if it were me, i won't lie.

Anyway, I learned 2 things Saturday, no wait, 3 things. First and maybe most importantly there's a shoe for munchkins called "Squeakers". Yeah i know, i'm probably the last person to know about them as usual, but lets not dwell on that. Just in case there's someone out there even less educated on the latest kid trends than me, these shoes squeak when the child wearing them walks. I'd have thought this irritating after a bit until my sister went off to check on the other kids leaving me alone with the 2 girls. In a mostly confined area thank GAWD! Everywhere Lilybug went we could hear her, making it easier to keep track of her while watching over Miss Z too.

Is this not cool? If Lilybug was trying to make a break for it, her shoes gave her away and she was quickly recaptured, tickled, then smooched before being redirected to the area she was supposed to be playing in. My sister says the only bad thing is that they should come with squeakers of different octaves so you can identify separate children. So if any squeaker reps read here, that's something you could work on lol.

I also learned from Mr. Z that a horse is actually called a "heehaw" and a frog is really a "ribbit". Bet ya'll didn't know that did ya? Aren't you glad you have me to explain these things?

Anyway, a great time was had by all and even though i'm still exhausted, i had a great time playing with the babies. We run the same speed lol.

And of course, there are pics. Enjoy :)

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