February 17, 2009

Lets Talk About Nannito

I haven't checked my sisters blog yet to see what she's said about this but here's the latest developments on Hanna for those of you who don't read over there yet.

Basically my fears may have been confirmed. Her doctor did some tests on her including a Purine Panel and found that it's possible that Hanna is Autistic. IF and that's a big if at this point, she is Autistic, she is only mildly so and can likely be treated with dietary changes and supplements, etc. Regardless of if it's mild or not this wasn't something I wanted to be right about but i've said many times that i believed she had some autistic tendencies. I almost feel like i jinxed her or something. I know logically i didn't of course but it still pisses me off that maybe i read this one right.

She is going to have some more tests this week i believe to see if this is a definite diagnosis. I'm hoping the seizures she had before the last test just threw things off and that it's all just a mistake.

Bottom line, pleeeeease keep her in your prayers. Even if this is confirmed she's going to be just fine. Autism isn't a death sentence and this could be sooooooooo much worse. We all realize that and are grateful for it. It doesn't make it any less hard to deal with though. She has enough trouble with the seizures and I just want to see her get a damn break ya know? She has other problems that she has to deal with that I haven't even discussed so it's not JUST the seizures this has been heaped upon.
Not that she has anything really bad either, it's just one thing on top of another that's getting to us all.

Typing all this, all I can think is, Poor Hanna, but i'm also thanking God for it not being worse at the same time. Feels like sorta being between a rock and a hard place. Thankful but asking "why her?" too.

Anyway, keep her in your thoughts and prayers please and cross your fingers that the last test was just off. She just simply doesn't need anymore trouble. No matter how mild or treatable it is.


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