February 28, 2009

On My Soapbox, Beware

My sweet Max passed away last night. I've been preparing myself for this for days, but praying I was wrong. Unfortunately I wasn't and now I am just trying to think of the fun we had and be happy for the time we had him. I know max died knowing he was loved. He was cared for, he was a member of the family and a wonderful friend.

In his memory, I want to tell people that technically Max should have died long ago. Be it from starvation, being attacked by both humans and animals or just being alone on the street.

I posted something funny the other day that I want to retract a bit. My little joke ended with " if your dogs/cats get pregnant you can sell their children". It was a joke, meant to be cute. In retrospect, I want to stress it's really not.

My personal belief is that most pet owners are irresponsible and shouldn't be entrusted with furry children who can't defend or speak for themselves. How many people do you know who saw that cute fuzzy furbaby in the Wal-Mart parking lot and they vow he's the cutest they've ever seen. Then when he poops on the floor, marks his territory and isn't quite as cute anymore, he's thrown out in the yard and forgotten about? Sure, food might be put out for him, but he did what dogs/cats do. He did the same thing your kids do, you just can't throw them out legally.

There are so many animals out there who need homes. Need someone to love them. I strongly advocate adopting animals from pound that only allows adoption with a spay/neuter clause. Why? Because if you have to invest actual money to get the baby, the chances are better that they'll be taken care of. They become an investment. Plus, if they aren't taken care of after adoption, they at least can't make more babies that someone else won't take care of.

If you do get them for free, be responsible and spay/neuter your dog unless you know for sure you can keep them safe. My Minnie is 12 years old and has never had a litter of puppies. She's been kept safe. When she's in heat she's not allowed out. Period. I've made sure i never had any male dogs who could breed with her and even those that are too big to be an issue are neutered. Sure accidents happen even to responsible owners. In that case, be prepared to keep the babies unless you ensure that the home those babies are going to will be a home they will be loved in and always cared for in.

if you're child has a child would you see it just go off into anyone's hands? Of course not, so love your furbabies the way you would the 2 legged variety. In the long run the furbabies love you no matter what and they never talk back. Even when you forget to pet them or buy their favorite treat they're more than willing to forgive you. Give them the same love back and nothing less.

Love you Max


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