February 26, 2009

Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

Well, Max has taken a turn for the worse. I had thought he was going to come through this okay, but now i'm not so sure. He's not in pain, he's not suffering, but he's weak and even with the antibiotics, steroids and TLC he's getting it just may not be enough.

I'm not giving up on him, I believe if any doggie can pull through this, it's him. He's a survivor, but i'm not sure he's wanting to survive anymore. Everything that can be done is being done and it's just up to Maxxy now to either fight and move past it or to move on. I love him no matter what happens and i'm happy for whatever time we have him. Hopefully he'll be okay though.

Anyway, just thought i'd give a quick update while I had a second. Please keep a nice thought for Max, he needs it badly.


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