February 19, 2009

Some Neat Stuff

I usually post this stuff at According To Nessa but lately i haven't been posting there much at all. Not really sure why since i went to all the trouble to redo it lol. I am going to post over there shortly about some coffee I bought that I will definitely never buy again though, so check later for that. Anyway, I gave myself permission to post them here this time since some of them are pretty neat. Check em out of you get a chance.

They're all courtesy of Bzz Agent. If you aren't a member there yet, sign up, they have some fantastic campaigns to try great products, all for free.

Free online video's for kids, great selections! Visit Totlol

Got something you want to clean but nothing is working or you aren't sure how to do it without hurting or destroying it? Visit How To Clean Stuff. This is really cool!

Love Animals? Want to help them? This is a great site period but you can also help feed pound babies for free by clicking on ads and there's also a shop with really cute stuff in it at very nice prices. Visit The Animal Rescue Site

And.........those video games your kids are playing.....you wouldn't believe how seemingly innocent games are far from anything you want your kids taking in to their heads. I was shocked over some that I really thought were okay! Want to see what your kids are REALLY playing? Check out What They Play: The Parents Guide to Video Games


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