February 27, 2009

Someone Hold Me Back

Yesterday I was talking to a good friend about what a creep her hubby is. She happens to agree so this is okay. I was pretty much just commiserating. Anyway, I was explaining to her that his lies to others are part of his inability to accept that he basically knows he isn't worth anything. So he lies about others and how they are so that he looks better. My ex was really good at this.

In the midst of this discussion, I was going to point her to my ex's myspace page so she could see what a hypocrite he is. The point was to show her that con men are plentiful.

Now realize, i normally never EVER look at his myspace page. The last time I saw it was 4 years ago when he tried to be my son's friend on myspace. I just know that he's a creep and that the basics would still be the same. Unlike SOME people, I don't give others power over me to make me want to check their myspace/blog and such everyday. Like any sane person, I avoid those I don't like. Well that and I don't have any self confidence issues like SOMEONE i could name but won't.

Anyway, So i get to creepola's page and i see these things about how he's a proud Daddy and how the latest love of his life is about to be born. Now I have no ill will towards a child of course. All i feel is pity anyway for anyone who gets involved in anyway with this man. Especially anyone who has no choice in the matter. He has 8 kids now from what I understand and he's never taken care of a single one of them. His normal modus operandi is to take off within a year and there's usually a kidnapping involved in there at one point or another if he thinks it will get him sympathy with his even weirder family. His sister is desperate to have another baby and tries to take over any of his kids if at all possible. It's a rather sick game but they package it to newcomers by explaining that they had no choice because the mother is abusive/uncaring/lazy, just basically whatever makes them sound not totally f*cked up.

So anyway, i was really hacked off to see this crap since I know that there's yet another child destined for nothing but heartache and disappointment as well as being potentially abused. I swear i'd give just about anything for someone to just castrate him lol. I know that's mean but you just have no idea how horrible a person this man really is.

I told you before i'm embarrassed that i can even be connected to him, except for having my Tyler who i am immensely proud of. All I can say in my defense is I was totally fooled by him. Thank God that with age comes wisdom and i'll be sure neverrrrrrrr to be that damn dumb again lol.

Anyway, I guess what goes around comes around and someday he'll get what's coming to him whatever that may be. Personally i could care less since he just isn't worth any time or energy from me, but i sure feel sorry for these new babies he's made, looks like there's 3 new ones in all. Not sure of the time frame, but 3 new kids is alot of kids regardless. Hopefully the kids have Moms that will be there for them to help them with how they'll be treated by him.


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