March 28, 2009

.......And The Answer Is Now Clear

Yesterday In my complaint about Megan I mentioned that she's advancing in the American Idol competition despite a surprising lack of vocal talent. Last night I received the following comment:

Posted By Coffee:
at this point Megan Corkrey keeps advancing either because she's extremely cute, or because is making it happen

AHA! Just to be sure I went to see who they're pulling for and sure enough, she's the one. Since I flat refuse to believe that there are actually fans that are voting for her to stay, I'm betting that VFTW is singlehandedly responsible for continuing my torment. I'm not sure what *I* or anyone else did to deserve this though. She's just a train wreck. Does anyone know Tyra? Lets get Megan on America's Next Top Model. I'll vote for her on there. She doesn't have to sing, she can just do what she does well. Look cute. Everyone wins in this scenario. She gets a great new career and we don't have to listen to her sing.

Anyway, I guess all the rest of us can do is wait for VFTW participants to find something else to do. They've never managed a winner before as far as I know so I don't see them pulling it off this time either. Well then again, Fantasia, Reuben and Taylor did win.........I wonder if they were behind those? Hmmmmmmmm, food for thought there.

Sooooooooo, as I said the answer is now clear and Megan may be around a bit longer than I had hoped. ::Sigh::

On the other hand I got these other 2 comments:

From Brittany:
I don't watch American Idol-but I saw his version of Ring of Fire, and I found it blasphemous!

You and me both sista. It was supposed to be COUNTRY WEEK. When he actually WAILED during the song I wanted him disqualified for not staying within the theme. I think Simon was right too, that boy better stay away from Nashville for awhile lol.

From Angie:
I also love Danny and think Megan's dancing is horrific! What in the world? She looks totally uncomfortable on stage. Adme is creepy. He reminds me of Freddie Mercury though, so I think something can be done with him... just not sure what.

I love this and i couldn't agree more lol.


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