March 3, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar.....A Cure All?

Some of you may remember that a while back I began having a great deal of pain in my shoulder, unexplained pain. It affected my neck and pretty much most of my upper body on the right side. Nothing helped til I tried Tramadol. Tramadol is a narcotic-like medication. I personally have an issue with taking medications on a daily basis. One of my greatest fears in life other than anything happening to my kids or family is being an addict. Well, wait, I'm definitely addicted to coffee and chocolate and maybe a few other fun things, but not to anything potentially harmful to me. Tramadol, supposedly isn't harmful but it works so well as far as relieving the pain, i admit i'm suspicious of it lol.

So anyway, I was on this medication for a good while and now that I've moved i haven't found a doctor yet to see about this pain. In part i think deep down that I want to prove to myself that I don't really NEED to take this medication to function. The other thing too is the shoulder pain is literally gone. What hurts are my legs. I almost feel like my muscles are knotted like they would feel after a long run or workout.

So this morning, my legs were hurting pretty badly and i started looking for an herbal remedy to ease the pain. I went to, Thanks Tamster! lovvve that place, and looked up muscle pain. Most people on there seemed to recommend Apple Cider Vinegar stating that it works for them almost immediately. Soooooo, I tried it and I have to say most of the pain in my legs is gone this morning. Not all of course, but a good bit. I may never get the taste out of my mouth but it works.

So then i started looking up random things like ulcers and other miscellaneous common ailments. Most everything seems to have supporters stating that ACV helped cure their problem.

Now i'm not discounting this, but this even came down to warts being killed off by the ACV. Who has a wart and decides to try to put Apple Cider Vinegar on it? Or drink it to get rid of one? Then again, who reads that it helps muscle pain and drinks a tablespoon of it in hot water. On purpose. Hmmmmmmm, Perhaps it bears more consideration?

Have you used it for anything like this? Do you have a favorite "go to" when you have an ailment?


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