March 14, 2009

Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy

Work has really ramped up lately so i've not had much chance to get in here and update. Well, I guess technically that's not true. I still have the mornings like i've always had, the difference now is that i'm exhausted and not too articulate lol. It's a good tired though. The biggest thing is trying to get to visit my bloggy pals. All the work applications I run keep me from loading too many web pages at once and generally slows everything down. Soooooooo, I'll have to set up the other laptop in here so i can use both at once I think. Seems like the easiest thing anyway.

Things are really good here otherwise. Kids are having a great time in school. The furbabies are all fairly happy and healthy. Sargie misses Max alot and cries for him at night but I guess with time that will get easier for him. I hope so anyway. Daniel keeps trying to sneak Sargie into the bedroom with him despite the fact that I banned Sarge from the house other than the laundry room. Sarge hasn't grown out of the chewing just yet and anything that looks remotely interesting to him falls victim to those teeth of his.

Ash is preparing for the prom coming up soon. She can't wait. I can though. It's going to cost a fortune but that's okay. I'll work extra hours to make sure it's nice for her.

I'm considering making a new blog. A private one for selected readers only. I've decided that while this will always be my main blog. There are other things I want to say that I don't want seen by certain people. I joke about my stalker all the time, mostly because that's what she is. A Joke. I don't generally care that she comes here to read everything. If she wants to live in my shadow and keep me in her life I can't stop her. It's her choice. However, there are things I want to get out and can't. She's not the only one either. There's my ex and my ex's new gf that keep popping by. Why? I have no idea lol. I don't even know how they found the blog but find they did. Next will come his family who irritates me more than anyone if truth be told. After they helped kidnap my son I just don't trust them. Not that I logically think they'd do anything really, it's just that fear you know? Most of them aren't exactly ummmmmm........well, lets just say most of them are different. Anyway, my point is that other than general life, i'm uncomfortable with certain people coming here and reading certain things about my life. Like recently with Max. I told readers about his passing but the whole time I pictured my stalker with a smile on her face as she read. From everything i've been told about her, she's that kind of person. Max deserved prayers, not some evil thing excited that his death caused me pain. Maybe she didn't do that, I concede I could have been lied to about that as well as other things, but nothing i read written by her gives me any reason to believe that she's anything other than what I was told she is. I wish she'd just move on with her life to be honest. I have. Since i'm certain that she won't do that i'm thinking about keeping this place as an in general blog and a private blog for things I want to really talk about.

Then again, I could change my mind, say to heck with it and bust out since this is my home lol. Regular readers know I change my mind about things constantly so who knows what i'll really decide to do? Do any of you do this though? Have a private place to do your outloud thinking or work things out?

Anyway, i'm off to go visit some bloggy pals i've been missing and see if I can find any new ones I want to get to know. I hope everyone is happy, healthy, loved and has many many reasons to smile today.


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