March 30, 2009

Text to Win?

Unlike my kids and others I know, I'm not really big on texting. Probably because my phone doesn't have a qwerty keyboard. I have to use the number keys and press til I get the letter/symbol/whatever I want. Not terribly hard but long messages can be a pain in the butt. Soooooooooo, i reserve texting for only very necessary times for the most part.

My kids though, I swear they text like crazy every chance they get, even Jonathon. Poor Daniel went through Text Withdrawal when we moved and I refused to pay his cell phone bill for him so that he could continue to text all day every day. He wasn't working so the way I saw it, it wasn't necessary for me to pay an extra unnecessary bill. Now that he's got a job he's practically drooling to get his first check so he can go get his phone turned back on lol.

Anyway, recently I was reading another blog and entering sweepstakes was mentioned as a way to win free stuff. This was in regards to entering free Sweepstakes but there are also some out there that you pay to enter. One such is

After reading the site this morning, it looks like it could be interesting. They have some neat prizes including a Nintendo Wii, a cool Nokia phone and some others. For each prize there's a # of persons entering it takes to win the prize. For instance on the Wii, each 849th text wins the Wii. When you text to enter you are notified what number you are in relation to the prize winning number so you know what your chances are of winning. Each text apparently costs 2.99 but if timed right, a few dollars could win a big prize. Seems like it could be worth trying.


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