March 27, 2009

Watching American Idol?

As usual I am and this year i'm really not happy. Wait, that's not a lot (look Rene, i did it!) different from any other year is it? Anyway, I'm extra not happy this year. Why? Because Megan is NOT a singer and Adam just creeps me the hell out. I don't know why regarding Adam. I know I was not at all happy with him butchering the Johnny Cash song but it goes beyond that. I think he belongs in theatre doing musicals. I just don't really see him doing his own thing. I could be wrong though. He's not my problem though, It's Megan. She said herself that she auditioned for school plays and musicals and was never picked. There's a reason!!! Sure she sounds unique for American Idol. That would be because the rest of the contestants who have made it this far can SING! I'd happily welcome back Sanjaya at this point not to have to listen to her.

She's a truly gorgeous girl, I give her props for working that angle, especially since it's all she's really got in this competition, but sheesh. And that dance!! What the heck is that? Simon calls others who move in weird ways clumsy but she's unique? Ummmmmm, no she has no idea what she's doing is what it is. I think someone told her once "every now and then wiggle your hips and people won't notice that you can't hit the notes" so that's what she does and it looks cute the first time or 2. After that it's like a tic or something that she can't help.

If this were America's Top Model she'd have my vote in a flash. Even tattooed up she's simply beautiful. There's no question about that. I'm sure she's also a very good person but she's not a singer. She just isn't.

I'm not sad that Micheal Sarver is gone as of last night. He was a cutie but as far as a potential winner of this competition, Simon was right. There's no way he could have won. He'll go on tour though, likely get a record deal and his family's life will be better for it so it's cool. Same goes for Megan. Someone will do something with her though i'm not sure it will be actually singing. Maybe with some work she can be better though, there's no telling, but right now, she just isn't any good in this competition. Alexis Grace was far far better than she is and I wish she'd helped herself more by picking better songs.

I have a feeling the whole thing is going to come down to Danny, who i just lovvvvvvvvve and Adam. Adam will win, which i don't like but Danny has a future in this too so i'm cool with that. Danny will go more mainstream than Adam will and he'll be more successful I think. I can live with that.

Sooooooooooo anyway, who's your favorite? Have any predictions of your own?


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