March 26, 2009

Working For The Enemy

I mentioned awhile back that the local Wal-mart located here in Redneck Hell is one of the worst Wal-Marts I have ever seen. It's slowly changing and getting cleaner but it still has a way to go. They also seem to be getting better employees who have customer contact.

The thing that still irritates the living hell out of me is standing in line for 15 minutes to check out and then having to stand in another line to wait to have a door greeter make sure you paid for everything in your basket. This wouldn't be THAT bad except who works as door greeters in most Wal-Marts? It's always older persons and it never seems to fail that I always get the one who can't see. Which with elderly persons is sort of a hand in hand thing. It's really pissing customers off. Why? Because we already worry as it is with high prices in general. Then we stand in a long line to check out, Pay more than we thought we would, prove we aren't a thief before we can leave the store and then when the person at the door who can't see can't find something on the receipt we can't even be all that mad because most of us respect elderly people!!! It's rather fiendish if you ask me.

Usually if I have to go in there, it's a quick trip. I'm trying to get in and out so I can get back to work. It never freakin fails that I have to deal with the ones who can't see. It took 10 minutes the last time i was delayed because the woman couldn't find the dog food on the receipt. It was the first freakin item!!! I finally snatched the receipt out of her hands and showed it to her. I felt bad about it later but I'm just literally sick and tired of this. I sent a complaint to corporate. They had the store manager call me. I told her how disgusted I was with the store as a whole and she assured me they were working to make it better. They do seem to be cleaning things up but continuing to treat their customers as thieves isn't going to continue to go well.

Anyway, now Daniel is starting in this same store today as an Overnight Stocker. I'm glad he got a job..........i'm happier still that he got a job that will keep him from needing to use my car all day. I'm less happy that it's at this particular place lol.

Oh well, maybe he'll help make the place better. One can hope anyway.


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