April 29, 2009

Miss Me?

You know you did.........go ahead.....admit it ::grin::

I'm sure my stalker did lol. Despite the fact that I wasn't posting here the weirdo still managed to come see me every day. That's dedication... errr ummmm true psychosis I tell ya.

Anyway, I'm still working on building the other blog. I haven't been completely gone really. I've just been reeeeeeeeeeeeally busy. Working on relationships, working period, and being a very happy and healthier person all the way around.

I managed to miss my Blogaversary. I had great plans for that too but maybe i'll just make the second one even grander.

Not much has really been happening to talk about though. Things are actually going very well and i'm smiling more than ever before. When i open the other blog up you'll know why but i dare say my friends will be happy to know how things are going. There have been a few hiccups here and there, mostly involving the idiots that work in the schools here but i'll splain that later after i go to the school and take care of a few things. Namely an attendance clerk who needs her ass kicked. Should be interesting for sure.

Anyway, i just popped in to say hi and let my pals know i'm okay. Just bizzy bizzy.


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