April 1, 2009

Today Better Be Ummmmmm Better!

I think i've been in some form of minor hell since Sunday. It all started when I got up, went to the flea market early as well as other places afterwards and then came home with a fever.

I'm still running a slight fever but feel fine otherwise. Tyler however has a bad cough, high fever and neither of us slept for 2 nights. Me because I could hear him coughing like crazy even after he'd taken cough syrup. He woke up Monday Morning with a temp of 102, I gave him meds and the fever broke for the day. Seemed like maybe it was over but he coughed all night again and his temp was almost 103 on Tuesday morning. Gave him meds again and he came to lay in my bed. When he started shaking with chill I decided this was no cold/flu/whatever anymore.

Tyler was 2 months premature and I watch him very closely anytime there's a cold involved. Even though he's very healthy as a whole, his lungs are scarred from all the problems he had as a baby. So if the rest of us get a cold, he gets pneumonia. it's just fact and I do what I can to keep his immune system bolstered to try and keep him healthy. Sometimes it's just not enough though. This would be one of those times.

Sooooooooo, I took him to the doctor, turns out he has Bronchial Pneumonia. Lovely! So now he's on an antibiotic for 4 days and has a stronger cough syrup to take so he can at least sleep better.

Anyway, we got home, had been here about 10 minutes. I messaged my boss to let her know I was back and was logging in to work and within 5 minutes the electricity starts flickering. Hmmmmmm, this is not good. It was worse when it flickered off and stayed that way for 4 freakin hours! Not because it was storming or anything, Oh no, that would make sense. Nope this was a planned thing, but no one was notified. Gee thanks! THENNNNNNNN what should have taken an hour took longer because somehow in this repair issue a tree managed to fall on a line.

On the upside, with no electricity I couldn't work and got to take a nap. That was nice. Except that Tyler kept waking me up every few minutes to ask me things. I think he was just bored. With Daniel working and Ash at school he had no one else to harass lol.

Anyway, hopefully today will be much better. We're welcoming a new member into the family and I can't wait to smooch his chunky little cheeks!


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