May 13, 2009

Am I Burned Out?

I think I may be. I love blogging and poking sticks at the weirdo who stalks me, but i think maybe i'm either burned out or i just find my stalker even more pathetic than i did originally and have grown bored with the lack of intelligence she displays. No wait, I always knew she was a moron so that can't be it. Must be burn out.

How do ya get over it? I mean i'm genuinely really busy. It's not that i'm just sitting here in angst wondering what to blog about. I'm basically just trying to keep bills paid and spend time with those i love. Maybe if i get up an hour earlier I can stay on top of things and not feel like i'm trying to cram everything into already cluttered time.

Then again, the weather is nice and my job is changing and maybe I can start going outside to blog in the morning with my coffee instead of sitting her watching a screen that does nothing lol.

I'm a bit hacked off at my employer at this point. I can't give details but basically me and the girls who have worked our asses off to make our project a success are being removed from the project because we don't speak spanish. It actually sort of pisses me off really. I mean the company is an American company, but i am being replaced because *I* don't speak a certain language.

It's okay though, i have another project to work so i'll just have to try and work it more. It's easy and I enjoy it so it's all good.

Anyway, time to make the donuts.............hope everyone is doing well. I really miss all my bloggy friends. Hoping to stop by and see some of them today.


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