May 13, 2009

Ashley's Prom

At the last minute and I mean like 4 days before the prom, Ashley decided to go after all. She had sworn it off saying she could go next year but apparently the lure of dressing up and acting like a goober couldn't be passed up. Since there was no prep time at all we were unable to find a dress I could afford so she wore her dress from the Military Ball.

That wasn't that big a deal since she was only going with a friend anyway and the dress looks great on her no many how many times she wears it. I wish I'd been able to get her a new dress though. I looked but I'm telling ya some of those dresses are several times the amount of my car payment lol. How can a few scraps of fabric possibly cost that much?

Anyway, I should have looked harder online I guess because now I've found formal dresses I could have afforded after all. Figures right? I really like red on Ash so I wish I had seen this dress. She wanted something shorter than the floor length she already had and this is much the same look so I think she'd have been happy with it. Oh well, now I know for next time right?

Anyway, here's one of the pics taken of her at the Prom and she doesn't look like she's upset any. She had a great time and I'm glad she decided to go after all. Even if she only gave me a few days notice lol.


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