June 23, 2009

Awww, I Love Good People!

Last week I was complaining about how here in my neighborhood, my neighbors are allowing their small children to go to the community lake alone. Kids who can't swim shouldn't be there at all without adult supervision, PERIOD! I'm terrified it's going to take a disaster for these parents to wise up and realize what they're potentially doing to their kids. IF there are adults there, I suppose most will help watch out for unattended children........but really, what sort of responsible parent takes that chance?

Anyway, I heard that Generational Equity LLC teamed up with MidwestSportsFans.Com and DallasSportsFans.Com to reach out to low income children and give them free swimming lessons. Is this not awesome? 8 free weeks of swimming lessons went to low income children who will now have the skills they need to not only be safer than they would be in the water, but to get out and play in the sunshine and water with confidence. I'm all for anything that gets kids off the couch and away from the TV/Video games.

Nothing beats a parent's watchful eye but it's wonderful that lives could potentially be saved through this effort just by teaching children how to swim. Too bad there's nothing like this for our neighborhood.


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