June 9, 2009

Ever Lost Your Documentation?

When we moved here to the new house we were none too happy to realize that somewhere between the old and the new house we'd lost a box of documentation. I notoriously keep everything that comes with my electronics. The manuals, the warranty cards......you name it. I don't READ them lol, but i keep it. That counts right?

Anyway, i had lost the paper that tells you how to program your satellite remote so that it controls your tv and your satellite box as well. This was like a disaster lol. After looking for hours for the box the papers were in, i finally gave up and started looking online to see if I could find anything to tell me how to do it. It took almost 30 minutes but I finally managed to find the instructions online. Let me tell you though, my satellite company doesn't make it easy! Genius that I am I saved it to my computer just in case i ever needed it again. Turned out that was even smarter than i realized when a few weeks later i had to program it all over again. Deeeeeep joy.

Anyway, after that whole troublesome issue I've come to really appreciate companies who go that extra mile to take care of the customers after the sale is complete. Sure you can call many companies and they'll walk you through some troubleshooting but how many times have you needed help after business hours? Good customer service shouldn't be hard to come by.

So looking around today for pest control systems after that whole debacle yesterday with the ants, I found some information on controlling Mosquitoes as well. I don't have an issue with them really but a friend of mine sure does. You can literally get eaten up all day over there and that's even coated in repellent. Since I hate the idea of the chemicals anyway, i was wondering if there's another way to control mosquitoes and found something called Mosquito Magnet. After looking around their site i'm super impressed. They have a whole help section covering anything from mosquito magnet repair to information on mosquitoes themselves, the diseases they carry and much more. Oh yes, they also have troubleshooting information. Love it!


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