June 15, 2009

Grrrrrr Sargie, Ooooo Patagonia

Despite the fact that I know better, I accidentally left my favorite flip flops in the laundry room. This is only an issue because Sargie comes in at night and sleeps there. it's the only place he can't tear anything up............unless of course we leave it in there for him to get to.

Well, I have to say he at least left them mostly in one piece. That's highly not normal for him. So maybe they just didn't taste good or he figured I was the one person he definitely doesn't want to make mad since I buy his food. Whatever it was that kept him from going as far as he normally does, I'm grateful. The fact remains that now I have 2 little tears in my favorite flip flops.

Sooooooooo now that I can't wear those with my dressier things lol, I need something else. I found some really cute shoes by Patagonia that I think i'm in love with. They're cute and feminine but not TOO girlie and if they're anything like the other pair i have their soooooooooo comfy! Since I'm not one to really spend a lot on shoes, and I seldom ever buy any, I guess I should thank Sargie for being the chewer that he is. I can't wait to get these!


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