June 8, 2009

Holy Crap, OUCH OUCH!

Okay, maybe not the most prolifically titled blog post but I ask you........have you been bitten by fire ants lately? If you have, you understand. If you haven't, send me your address, i'll be happy to share some of the little creeps with you so you can experience their unique brand of torture. Really! I'm just that nice!

After my nice little previous post I went outside to weed the flower bed and accidentally stepped into a red ant mound. I swear a few days ago I treated that mound just a few inches over. Apparently a whole new group moved in or they just moved their home a couple inches to the left. Likely the latter.

Anyway, so now here I sit with about 15 ant bites on one foot but I feel like I stuck my foot into a bucket of hot coals. How can something so freakin small, hurt so bad??


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